Be Better By Doing More…Or Less

It’s a simple premise and one that is easy to enact. But it’s a choice that you alone have to make. If you want to be better all it takes is to do more. Put a bit more effort into the things you do already or do a little extra.

Sometimes it’s as easy as just giving something a little bit more thought. Get up five minutes earlier and do your breakfast dishes before you leave the house, maybe do one of the chores you usually leave to the evening. There is something to be said about coming home to a house that is already clean.

Little things add up and what you might find, as I have, is that by doing that little bit extra, you find you actually have more time to get other things done.

Paradoxically, sometimes doing more is accomplished by doing less. For example, I would consider myself a bit of a fiery character, someone who always used to react emotionally and immediately, and who, when the moment had long past, would admonish myself for such silliness. But since I have embarked on my journey to being a better me I have recognised that fallacy to the point that when I am faced with a very trying or emotional situation (of which there are many as I deal with the fallout from my failed marriage) I simply be quiet. I don’t do or say anything. It may only be for a few seconds or even a few minutes. Basically it’s just long enough to let that fire subside. And when it does I am glad my mouth hasn’t shot off saying something I may regret.

It helps, on this journey of self-improvement, when you remind yourself that no one is perfect. No one. No matter how perfect someone may seem. You have to understand that simply means they are better at concealing the truth. We are all human after all, we all have flaws. I would even go as far to say that even if perfection did exist it would be an aberration. A tiny uninhabitable moon orbiting a planet in a universe that is untold light years wide and long.

There is nothing wrong with striving towards perfection if that’s what you are hoping to achieve, as long as you realise that it is truly an impossible task. So why set yourself up with false, unattainable goals. Surely you are just taking yourself down a road that will ultimately lead to disappointment. Instead why not simply try to be a better version of you, flaws and all included. There is a real sense of satisfaction to be found in conquering yourself. A feeling of control that helps to inspire you further.

And stop comparing yourself to others for that is a path that will only lead to disappointment also. If you must compare yourself to someone, let that someone be yourself. The you from yesterday, or last week, or last year. Only there will you see how much you have improved. Only there will you get any sort of real satisfaction, and by doing so you might find that as you see your improvements, no matter how little, it will drive you on to bigger and better things or just give you an improved sense of satisfaction with what you have got.


One thought on “Be Better By Doing More…Or Less

  1. “Little things add up and what you might find, as I have, is that by doing that little bit extra, you find you actually have more time to get other things done.”

    I am a big believer in “kaizen” and the concept of 1% better! It is small daily habits that create long-lasting change.


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