Why It’s Never Too Late

We often hear or read the sentiment that ‘it’s never too late’. It was the first thing I mentioned in the first post of this blog detailing my path towards being better. I had actually said that I was hoping it wasn’t too late. My reasoning being that obviously there are some things a 43-year-old cannot achieve, primarily things of a physical nature. Like a reformed pothead is not going to win the olympics for example, unless there’s an olympics for joint rolling :/

But this post, which now may seem slightly hypocritical to some but which I view as a sign of growth, is going to tell you that indeed it is never too late. But more importantly, I’m going to tell you why.

Look, technically, if everyone lived to old age, I am closer to death than you. I have less time left to achieve my goals, my dreams. I have less time than you. Especially if you are in your teens, 20s or 30s, and feeling like you’ve missed your chance, or never had one, or don’t think you ever will.

I, like a lot of people, am doing a job I would rather not be doing in a small factory bending aluminium to make aircraft seats. (But which I still do to the best of my ability. Reason being whatever you are currently doing you must put your best effort into it. It helps cultivate the right attitude. The infamous boxer Muhammad Ali once said: “If I were a garbage man, I’d be the world’s greatest garbage man! I’d pick up more garbage and faster than anyone else has ever seen.” He was telling us something important about attitude).

My ‘wife’ left me almost a year ago. My son is suffering from emotional turmoil because of that. I am hanging on by a thread financially. I’m reaping what I’ve sown.

Truthfully, I have never really achieved anything. The reason being as I always took the easy path. Easy doesn’t get you anywhere by the way and never will.

Thing is, despite all this, despite the fact that on paper there are plenty of people who would view me as a bit of a loser. I have never been happier. Oh I have some real tough moments in my life, some real challenges, with no doubt more to come. But now I am ready for them. I have dedicated myself to being better in an all-round sense. A better father, a better friend, a better employee. I am constantly working on my physical and mental well-being. Working on achieving the things I want to achieve. I am still a long way off but that’s ok.

But the reason why I now believe that it is definitely never too late is because that ‘lateness’ doesn’t necessarily apply to your goals. What you want to achieve? Where you want to be in your life? It’s about getting yourself in that right state of mind. The state of mind that puts you, and keeps you, on the right path.

Look, goals and achievements are good things, great things. It’s important to have something to strive for, to move towards. But they are not the be all and end all. The reality is you can only ever live in the here and now. And in the here and now, with the right frame of mind, the right attitude, you can be a positive force for good. An inspiration to yourself and the people you meet.

So if you’re out there and you’re feeling lost, feeling that it is too late, I’m begging you, I implore you, find your strength, find your courage, realise what you want to achieve and start working towards it. Because it’s all about being on the right road, having the right frame of mind. Attitude can be developed, persistence grown. No one is more important to this world than yourself. Why sell yourself short?

So I’ll repeat this one more time. It’s simple. There’s no hoping this time. It’s a statement of fact that is true for each and every one of us. It’s never too late.

23 thoughts on “Why It’s Never Too Late

  1. “that ‘lateness’ doesn’t necessarily apply to your goals.” – i can relate to this. I am a late bloomer in somethings and yet have lived two lifetimes in other areas. reading your post hits home another key point, I can’t change the past or what life has given me but i can do better with the future. and that future does not not have to have big events or mind blowing feats. I now look forward to the simple joys, making breakfast, reading before i fall asleep and even just sitting silently and contemplating nothing!!! i may be late for a lot of things but i am so grateful i have arrived now. lovely thoughts Chris, as you encourage others it builds your own self-esteem. Continue to learn and grow, no one can take that away from you.

    1. Ah Gina. Such lovely things to say as always. I feel the same about being grateful to have arrived now, no matter how late, or what past mistakes were made. They’ve all lead to this point after all. I believe the only time to stop learning and growing is when we’re gone.
      Much love to you.

      1. Ha. Plenty of energy for yourself today then!
        It’s bedtime for me so coffee would be a bad choice right now lol
        Hope you have a great weekend also!

  2. I agree it’s never too late, the shackles we imprison ourselves with thinking I might be too late or I’ve passed my prime… I really enjoyed reading it, it’s so inspiring! Thanks for sharing 🙏

    1. Thank you. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and especially that you found it inspiring! Sure we haven’t even reached our prime yet! I hope your weekend treats you well.

  3. i so agree with you, i know this because i only came into myself later in life, don’t know if i would have been ready or willing before. here’s to you!

  4. Well I’m 40 next week and still plan on conquering my goals and dreams. I think life experience and the ability to recover or prosper despite the down falls puts us at an advantage. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. 😁

  5. Beautifully said. Life is not a dress rehearsal. We need to grab it in the moment and make the most of it in those moments we are afforded the miracle of life’s essence to form purpose. Thank you!

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