Don’t Rain On A Parade (Support The People You Love)

Two people I know had some minor upsets this past week. It’s not my place to divulge the details but suffice to say it involved people very close to them putting a dampener on their dreams, interfering with their hopes, raining on their parade.

I was upset for both of them, actually a bit enraged. The people who love you, those closest to you, be it friends or family, should be the people you can trust the most. But not just trust that they won’t betray you, or trust they will be at your side when you are down. You should be able to trust those people with your hopes and dreams. The aspirations you probably keep secret from everyone else. The longings you have to improve your lot in life.

They should also be your greatest supporters. It’s easy for them to do that if you become rich, or successful, or famous. But what if you are just at the start of your journey? What if it’s just a dream? Then you might find, as these people did, that those closest to you don’t even want you to set foot on that road and even might go as far as undermining you. Putting a spanner in the works just as the engine begins to run. Blocking that sunshine out with their dark cloud of misery instead of being forthcoming with true love and having hope for your hopes. Supporting you with your dreams.

I understand for a lot of people it’s simply fear. They are afraid to see their loved ones get hurt. Afraid to see them fail. They don’t want to see them suffer. They might also be afraid it might affect their comfortable safe lives. But what about the suffering the person with aspirations will have to endure when they are older? Maybe being filled with regret, even resentment, for not chasing their dreams, for not giving it their all, because someone they love and respect, for whatever reason, encouraged them to not do it, to give up.

Sometimes it’s because they themselves have given up on their hopes and dreams. Often without even trying. I know some people like that. Always negative, never wanting to see anyone try something different, improve upon themselves. It’s almost like bringing others down is the only thing that makes them happy. They are so dissatisfied with life, and so unwilling to take the steps to do anything about it, that they, rather than watching the marching bands pass from the side, or even taking part by carrying a giant inflatable, would rather be the rain on a parade. On all parades.

Whenever anyone tells me of anything they are trying to do, a goal they are trying to achieve, a business idea they want to succeed, my first thought isn’t one of jealousy or questioning why they want to do that. It’s one of joy. One of warmth. I get infected with their excitement.

Here’s someone who is willing to give life a go. Not just settle for what they have. They know the challenges it will bring, the difficulties ahead. But they want to face them. They want to chase their goal. Not just for some sort of fame or adoration or success but because in doing so it makes them feel alive.

These are my kind of people. Dreamers. People with aspirations. They are the people who help elevate this world. They don’t want to be stuck in the mire. Nor are they reaching out for people to grab in the hope they get stuck in there with them. They’re the ones trying to climb their own way out. They see the stars of their life, and even though they still may be far away, they’re going to reach for them anyway.

These are the people we should help lift. Encourage them to go all out. Give it everything they’ve got. Wish them the best and every success. Because they are the people who are really living. Living for more than a mundane reality so many willingly choose to accept.

If you are one of those dreamers, one of the people who has an idea that you want to pursue, an idea that will make you happy, maybe change your life, or others, for the better. I say go for it. Forget the naysayers, the doubters, the haters. Let them rain. It’s coming from their own dark clouds after all. Let them pour it on and wash right off you.

It really doesn’t matter. It will only have an impact on you if you let it. March on to the beat of your own drum. Why let someone else hold you back? Come their rain or hail, sleet or snow. March on. March because your own life depends on it.


13 thoughts on “Don’t Rain On A Parade (Support The People You Love)

  1. i know those sorts, stay away! but i also do know some who offer their words because they care deeply for us and don’t want to see us hurt. my best friend for one, i know she has my best interests at heart and she keeps me balanced, I am the dreamer, she’s the realist. i can count on her because i trust her. so it really depends on the strength of the relationship to me i guess. i would be able to recognise those jealous of my happiness, they are mean and petty. you have much empathy and I think you make a really good friend, stand by what you believe in.

    1. Sounds like a good and valued friend you have there Gina! Worth holding on to.
      We do need to have some realism…as long as it’s coming from the right place. Out of love, not fear. Is supportive, not destructive.
      I get the impression you would be a great friend yourself. Much love to you.

  2. This is a very interesting and sensitive subject! usually we expect from the people we love the most to be supportive, positive and helpful, and this is the root of all disappointment “Great expectations” the more the person is dear, the more we expect and the more we are hurt…What I learned that sometimes people you know for a very short time can be so positive, so supportive to you and we should focus on attitude and positivity instead of how close the relationship is…If the people we care about were supportive, it’s a bonus, if not, we should do what makes us happy, put a goal and do anything to reach it…This is what we discover at the end but the sooner we discover it, the less we suffer 🙂
    Thank you Chris for sharing and hope you will always be surrounded with positive people and dreamers, if not you can always change your entourage

    1. It certainly is Huguetta. I think the lack of support from close family can be very damaging and hurtful. We tend to care a bit more about what they think. If they were more forthcoming with a good attitude and positivity it would mean so much more to us.
      I agree that it really doesn’t matter how close someone is, or how long we’ve known them, when it comes to getting genuine support from someone. It’s a wonderful thing no matter the source!
      Thank you for your insight and hopes. They are always appreciated.
      Much love to you 🙂

      1. Sure it hurts, it can affect our entire life! But eventually we conclude this because keep waiting will harm us more!
        My pleasure always to be involved in such interesting topics 🙂 Much love to you as well

  3. Wow. I loved reading this. This is actually a very serious topic because many people simply give up on their dreams because they want security and their close ones do not want them to fail as you said. I have known people like this. I will share your post with them, a few friends of mine and I hope they realise that following your dreams can give the kind of happiness and satisfaction that nothing else can give.
    Thank you for this wonderful post.😃

    1. That is high praise indeed Ramyani! Thank you so much. I am happy that you appreciate the message.
      You are so right. Following your dream does give a happiness and satisfaction that cannot be found elsewhere. It’s our duty to ourselves to keep chasing them, keep dreaming.
      I wish you every success with yours! From one dreamer to another. Much love.

  4. Great post ! It’s very motivational and progressive. I agree people need support when trying to achieve their dreams . It’s makes the journey so much more enriching for all those involved :’3

    1. Thank you very much. Glad you enjoyed it.
      It’s hard enough to chase our dreams nevermind when those nearest and dearest to us don’t offer support.
      I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Best wishes and good luck with any dreams you have!

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