The Beauty At Your Front Door

I’m posting this video for two reasons. Firstly, it was because a follower of mine had mentioned they would love to see Northern Ireland sometime. (I really don’t like the word ‘follower’ by the way. It’s too impersonal. Anyone who likes what I write is not a follower to me. They are a welcome, thinking, interactive, online friend! But I guess that isn’t as snappy a term 🙂 )

The second reason is one for us all. It’s about appreciating the beauty at your front door. The joy that is always within your reach. It’s about not taking for granted the things that others possibly don’t even have.

With that said here is a little panoramic of the drive I take to work. It’s from the East coast, along the foothills of the Mourne Mountains. I hope you enjoy the sight as much as I do.

Much love to you all, Chris.

14 thoughts on “The Beauty At Your Front Door

  1. Thanks for sharing Chris. Nice drive. Always good to appreciate what we have. We have been to Ireland many times, as we have relatives in Collon near Dublin. The last time, we did the drive up the West coast from Cliffs of Moher to Derry. Next time, we need to see the East coast. So much beauty to see. Allan

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    1. You’re welcome Allan. Nice to hear you visited this little country.
      I might live in the East coast but I’m originally from near Derry so the West coast is actually a favourite of mine. Stunning altogether.
      I agree good Sir. So much beauty to see.

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    1. Thanks for appreciating 🙂
      Used to live in Armagh city for a while. Lovely place.
      It’s nice to hear you’ve had the pleasure of visiting 🙂
      Best wishes to you.


  2. this was so breathtaking! thank you for stopping and taking the time to record the beauty of your country and sharing it. i love barren lands and vast views, so this is such a gift to me. the sound of the wind calls out and nourishes the soul, you are so blessed my friend. sigh….now this makes me dream of visiting

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    1. You’re welcome Gina. Sure it was you who indirectly gave me the idea 🙂
      Glad you appreciated it. It’s certainly something I will never tire of.
      Maybe someday you’ll be able to visit. The video doesn’t do it justice 🙂

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      1. no video could capture the magic, you are right, maybe someday, I travel to Europe later this year but don’t have NI on my list, maybe the next time I do. I could sit and admire that view for the longest time. thank you again for sharing, it was so very sweet of you!

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