Find Your Thing

Everybody has a ‘thing’. That special something they are good at. That they enjoy doing. That makes them feel satisfied and happy.

Some people are fortunate to have made a career out of their ‘thing’. Are able to earn money from it. At the very least, cover their living costs, at best, bathe in financial luxury.

I say these people are fortunate. I’m not implying lucky. They most definitely have had to work very hard to be able to utilize their ‘thing’ to make it economically viable. To turn it from maybe a hobby into something more successful.

I’m saying they are fortunate to have been able to find a way of making their ‘thing’ work for them. I would even guess that they received some sort of support in pursuit of their ‘thing’. Not all of them. But at least some.

That support, especially in their early stages, can be invaluable.

I guess what I am trying to get it here is that lack of support for most. Especially the younger people, the ones in their teens and 20’s. The time when that support matters most. The time that support could make all the difference. Especially to their future happiness.

When I was growing up the idea was you went to school, got a steady job after, stayed there the rest of your life, and were meant to be happy with that. There was this belief that a ‘secure’ job was the be all and end all. That was the tradition.

Not much has changed now. I would imagine the only difference now is you are advised to go to school, then university, then get a steady job after that. That’s the new tradition. Same as before but with a few extra years schooling, and much more debt.

To me that is a very narrow path. A very constricting path. A path to unhappiness that many young people are being almost pressured to walk. The same people who, when they reach the ages of their 30’s or 40’s, find themselves desperately struggling with the life they have built for themselves.

I understand that path. It’s the one most young adults are strongly advised to take by their peers. Parents, teachers, society in general. That path works for some. Maybe they are lucky that their ‘thing’ actually falls into the nice learning brackets provided by standard education.

That path doesn’t work for everybody. The worst of it is that if you do not walk that path, especially as a young school leaver, you are viewed as a failure. Destined to be a minimum wager. To fill some sort of menial job where you are given very little respect. That sort of early damage can have a long-term effect.

Look, I am not putting people in those positions down here. I worked those types of jobs for the majority of my life. I’m not that far off the wage those jobs offer myself and having a job is better than not having a job.

But if you are working those type of jobs be truthful, at least to yourself, about why you are there. I know I was there because I didn’t put enough effort into doing something about it. It was easy. The path of least resistance. Because I had given up on my ‘thing’.

I understand that anyone who is working that type of job may be doing the best they can do. That’s ok. That might be the ‘thing’ they are good at. We all have different roles to play in life after all.

But if you are there and you know you could do better. That’s all on you. You can’t blame the reasons you had before, the reasons that put you there, forever. If you are living you always have a chance to do something about it.

The point I am trying to make, especially to those still in their development stage. Don’t worry if the traditional route isn’t working out for you. Don’t worry even if you ‘fail’ at the standardised education. Don’t let that define who you are. What your life will be.

You know you have a ‘thing’. You know there is an impulse within you to follow a certain path. Build your life a certain way. Why not follow that?

It’s probably being smothered by everyone else’s idea of what you should be doing. You’re probably being misdirected by those around you. Those closest to you. Those whose opinions matter to you. And they are probably doing it with the best of intentions. They want you to be safe and happy. They don’t want to see you take what they perceive as risk with your future.

Bare in mind though that they have been unknowingly programmed into accepting the traditional route as the only route. As I’ve mentioned that route does work, for some. Not all.

The best advise I would give. That I give and will continue to give to my son. That all people should be giving. Especially the people of influence. Parents, teachers, leaders.

Find your ‘thing’. Work hard at it. Then work harder. Don’t give up on what you love. Keep pushing, be unrelenting. Persist long after anyone else will have given up. There will probably be people who have already made a success of the same or similar ‘thing’. Look at their example. See what it takes for you to get there too.

If your ‘thing’ is really unique. That’s almost better. You have something special to give. Something different to add to the world. For example, when I was growing up there was a guy I remember from tv. His name was Stevie Starr ‘The Regurgitator’. It was the first time I ever saw someone swallowing live goldfish and then spitting them out again, still alive! That man has toured internationally, featured on many television shows all around the world, has made a successful career out of regurgitating various items likes coins or billiard balls.

Can you imagine what opposition he must have received in wanting to pursue his ‘thing’? What his school career advisor must have said to him? What everyone must have thought?

There is a power to be found in your ‘thing’. It can lead to a life that you’ve always wanted. Find it. Live it. There you will find your best chance at happiness, at fulfillment. There lies your best hope at finding some satisfaction with life.

Don’t worry if people even find that ‘thing’ strange or unusual. It’s your ‘thing’. And the thing about your ‘thing’. It’s the best ‘thing’ for you. Just ask Stevie.


27 thoughts on “Find Your Thing

  1. Good evening, yes support from family, support for friends, for example me, i chose to be surrounded only by people who is positive and helps me to move forward, i think is not about school or university, even those who has a lot of money they can chose the wrong path in life, for example drugs, alcohol. I believe a lot of coming from the parents, the way they raise the person, genetics maybe be a part of it as well, i’m not for tradition rules, i mean, we don’t have to follow anybodys else foots, we have so big choice, not everything you can learn in school and university, i believe being nice and kind to people, can help you in life, i’m started to to draw cubes at 12, now i’m finishing my studies of architecture, in my opinion is very important from the young age to chose what do you want in life, to separate hobbies and carrier, if the hobby can give you in come is enough better, i liked your post about the thing, i hope you can understand my messy mess what i wrote, i read article and enjoyed it, have a goodnight guys🤗

    1. Hi Ilona 🙂 Yes, I understand perfectly well what you were saying. I hope you are successful with your architecture studies. I do appreciate a good building particularly the Gothic cathedrals. They are works of art.
      I don’t believe in the traditional routes either. It it works for you great. If not there’s always other ways.The world is a lot different to the way it used to be. There are so many different avenues that can be persued.
      I believe in being kind also. Better to try and spread love and helps others rather than bring them down. Being surrounded by likeminded people helps. People like yourself.
      Thanks for stopping by and the goodnight for my son. I’ll always think highly of people who think of him too. Thank you! 😊
      Goodnight to you too, and much love to you.

      1. Good to know, that you understood, is not easy to explain sometimes, i didn’t read your others posts, i always put like first and after when i have time i read and i live the comment, you make some good points, i like articles and stories about reality and experience, until they will let me to have my own project i will be like 35 years old hehe, well we will see, takes time to find a good job with the studies what we do, some people after studying years and diploma turns completely different way to their thing as you said, always happy to stop by🤗i have noticed what i don’t write long comments to many other people, i guess sometimes i don’t have what to say, in general i’m big extravert and huge talker🌈

      2. I’m honoured then. Thank you 😊
        I’m afraid to like if I want to comment but don’t have the time so I usually save the post til I can. Don’t want to offend anyone. Maybe doing what you do is better.
        I prefer those types of posts also. It’s good to benefit from others experience,especially if their lessons are hard earned. Saves us some pain or heartache.
        Well I’ve no doubt your designs will be fantastic! And done with a lot of care and attention 🙂 Sure 35 is still young.
        The fact you can write so well in another language is an admirable thing. Way better than most, including myself. I wouldn’t worry about not finding the right words sometimes.
        Bit of a talker myself so I know what that is like. Wishing I could speak/read French right now to hear/see what you are like when you can get your flow. It would be interesting to see who talks the most 😂

      3. Oh, if you haven’t seen Huguette’s post yet she was talking about a spammer. Same one you have I think because she liked a lot of comments you had made to me.
        Anyways, it’s bedtime for me and my boy.
        I hope you have a lovely night and great day tomorrow 🙂
        Talk soon.

    1. Thanks Marie. Oh there is always time.
      That was a great story of Eamon’s. Fair play to him! Hard to face such things when we’re older. Our children can be great motivators.
      Hope you are keeping well Marie.

      1. I’ve been very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him and it is a continuing story for him. Parents will overcome any obstacles to help their children! We’re all doing good, I hope likewise for you.

  2. I second each of your point Chris! ☺ I think what’s more difficult than finding your thing is having a courage to follow it. From very early age we are conditioned to believe that traditional way of life is the best way of life. So going against something which is said to be tried and tested is scary. I think this is where support and encouragement from your loved ones come into picture. Their support can give you strength to not go with the flow but to be the flow😊

    1. Thank you for appreciating 😊
      When that support is lacking it can be so hurtful.
      “Not to go with the flow but to be the flow”. I love that. Such a great sentiment and so well said. Thank you for writing that. It’s one I am always going to remember 😊
      Best wishes to you and I hope you are keeping well!

      1. Thank you Chris for your wishes. I’m great and I hope you’re doing great as well! 😊
        I get you! I have been there, infact, I’m still there. It’s very hurtful when people you thought you can count on leave you in the lurch. If people who love you can’t have your back, I wonder who else can😕 So I have just stop keeping expectations from people around me.
        I’m glad you loved that sentiment. Before leaving school, I asked one of my favourite teacher for a piece of advice. This is what said.
        ” It’s easier to go with the flow. And there will be times when you will be tempted to just go with it. Because obviously it’s an easy way. But I want you to hold on to your values and belief system and be the flow. It will be hard but I know you have all the
        strength you need. We all have that!”
        This is something, I have always kept close to my heart. These words always give me strength and motivation ❤

      2. Glad things are great 😊 Am doing well, thank you.
        I would be in the same situation as yourself. Support was never forthcoming. I was even questioned yesterday as to why I was blogging as I don’t get paid for it! Thankfully I’m old enough to realise that lack of support shouldn’t stop you. It does make me worry more about younger people though or people who don’t yet have the strength of their own convictions.
        That sounds like a great teacher you had. One of the good ones. Someone who cared. We all should have people like that in our lives.
        Much love to you 😊

      3. I don’t get why people relate everything to money. Can’t I just do it because it gives me peace and happiness? Isn’t that more valuable than money? I haven’t told anyone about my blog, but I’m sure, if I had, they would have asked me the same question 😓
        I don’t know what your plans with this blog are. But I find your blog very authentic and straight from the heart. And I think this is what makes it unique.😊 I’m sure you can make your vision of this blog into reality.
        I wish you all the success. More power to you❤

      4. Exactly. Blogging and the interaction is a pleasure in itself. If anything financial comes from it that is just a bonus.
        Thank you for saying that about my blog. It is what I strive for. Nice to know it comes across 😊
        I wish you all the same. Good luck to you!

  3. Let me start that some people don’t have any idea how lucky they are if they receive support while they’re still young or growing up, therefore they don’t appreciate the value of this support!

    My experience regarding this subject is not one that I like to remember, I always wished I was stronger until I was convinced that it’s unfair to go back and judge your younger self with your current personality and I wrote a post about it
    Finding this thing you’re good at or your passion is major, it will affect your entire life, and people who make money from doing the thing they love, are so fortunate! Sometimes we discover it so early but we don’t receive any support to pursue it and it’s sad, sometimes we spend our life time trying to find it, sometimes we know but it’s not enough to make a living but despite everything, we should dig for it and pursue it even if it’s merely for our own satisfaction and happiness.
    And many people were less than average at school but brilliant in life, it’s not a criterion! But sometimes it’s important to have this piece of paper so you can cope with society norms. But as you said no matter what people might think, we should know what we love what we’re good at and pursue it! Probably it looks ridiculous to many but it doesn’t matter at all!
    What was your thing that you couldn’t pursue?
    Thank you for sharing as always strikes a chord because it’s honest and coming from experience
    Best of luck ☺

    1. I agree with your start. We never value the things that have come easy to us. Unless we lose them or realise how lucky we were to have that in the first place.
      Sorry for bringing up bad memories 😞 and I can understand viewing your younger self with your current you. Some things we can only appreciate after time has passed. No point looking back at ways we could have been better.
      In regards to supporting people in the thing that makes them happy and gives them satisfaction I think it is very important that we should.
      My thing was always writing. It was never viewed as a worthwhile pursuit. Matter of fact I was just asked today why I was blogging. That it was a waste of time. Support in that regard was never and will never happen unfortunately.
      Ah well. At least I have the strength to support myself.
      Am glad the message meant something to you 🙂
      Much love as always Huguette 😊

      1. Hello Chris, hope you had a good day 🙂 Don’t worry at all; I’m over this I guess
        For me it was zero support, this is why I’m asking people who have support, to appreciate what they have…
        Well it’s doesn’t matter if the entire world consider it unworthy as long as you consider it worthy! Your support now is the biggest and most important and I hope anytime soon you’ll be able to achieve more from it! I say you must start making baby steps towards your goal, this blog is a great start, probably promoting this blog could be next
        All your posts are meaningful and always real and honest 🙂

      2. I too have come from zero support so I can relate. It can still be hurtful to not have that support. I think it’s worse for younger people who might not have the strength of character to carry on regardless.
        I do have a few other things I am working on also. Have also been listening to a few blogging books to try and improve especially regarding promotion. It’s a work in progress and I struggle with having to self promote. Lack of self belief I suppose.
        I’m surprised that so many people like what I write. Especially good thinkers like yourself. Much obliged to you 😊
        Was an up and down day today. But at least my boy is happy and has seen his mum. Got to count those blessings.
        Hope you had a great day yourself 🙂

      3. I’m glad your boy saw his mother, it’s great really despite the ups and downs, hope it will always gets better!
        And I want to tell you that you should consider your writings as unique as fingerprints, of course you can improve and read lot of tips but you will always write from the heart which it will be original so go ahead and do whatever it takes and self-confidence is the main pillar here, believe me if the entire world supported you, it will not be enough without your own will and confidence. You already creating a community here and it’s great so keep doing small steps towards your goal and before you know you might see your writings published on Amazon or elsewhere, not so expert in publishing world, you can follow some fellow bloggers that already published books, I follow a blog for Matthew Whiteside, the guy is very helpful and he’s doing interviews on his youtube channels, he loves to support people’s work, you can connect with him. Please stop saying you’re surprised people like your writings, don’t piss me off now haha
        My day was great thank you, despite the rainy and windy day; I had the chance to do lot of things 🙂

      4. Thanks Huguette. I was glad too 😊 Had a bit of a realisation as well so I think I must be more patient with her in future.
        Thank you for the kind words. Going to check out Matthew’s blog.
        Ha ha Don’t piss you off….I value my life to much 😁
        Glad you had a great day yesterday. Wish you have the same today.
        Had a quick look at your post. Great idea! Will have a proper read later although something about politicians did catch my eye. I would laugh at that only it’s too serious a matter. Our politicians haven’t sat together for over 2 years and are still getting paid! They only serve themselves it seems.
        Anyways, hope the sun is shining today. Much love as always!

      5. Good morning Chris, hope you’re having a good start of the day 🙂
        I’m glad you value your life too much hahaaa
        It was a quick post, I didn’t dig deep with each point, I just wanted to deliver a message, when you read it, and you’ll give me your opinion
        Our politicians are thieves, corrupted and they ruined our country! I have no words to describe them, I believe it’s the case everywhere…
        The sun is still shy; hopefully tomorrow will be back to real spring weather
        Much love to you and hope you’ll have a great day 🙂

  4. this is a great presentation at a college or school open day Chris. it puts in a nutshell the reason and purpose of all the why’s. what is also lacking is a sense of contentment, this should be encouraged first and taught how to achieve it. we can’t all be doctors and lawyers etc, we need every level of society to be respected for the work they do. choosing a path can be so daunting and sometimes that path forks and takes a whole new route, being able to choose is crucial. education whether formal or informal, skilled or vocational etc must be stressed, not everyone is academically brilliant but everyone is intelligent in their own way, the system needs to grow that. i really enjoyed this, as i too ended up not doing my heart’s desire but fell into an occupation that has helped me take care of my family and give back to society, now later in life I have financial freedom to pursue my real interests and being patient helped. i wish much success in your pursuits too my dear friend, be content, look for ways to mentor and nurture others, there lies a good future. be blessed always, pardon the preaching here!

    1. Thanks again Gina. We do all have different roles to play and that should be respected. I do believe people, especially the younger people, should be provided with a more rounded guidance in what is out there for them, what they can achieve. Support is key for that.
      I am glad you are now in the position to pursue your real interests. Sometimes life gets in the way. But we can always make our way back to what we love the most.
      Thank you for your wishes.
      p.s. I haven’t signed off on any of your comments yet. Waiting until I get to the last one 🙂

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