Does It Matter What You Believe In?

A lot of us believe in something bigger than ourselves. We believe in a God or gods. Some external force that can help with the perceived wrongs in our life. Some people believe in the fact they don’t believe anything.

But what if it doesn’t matter what you believe in? What if believing itself is enough?

I’ve been thinking a lot about faith and belief. About people who believe in one religion or another. Most times it’s about trying to find an answer outside yourself. About giving yourself up to something greater.

The thought that I can’t seem to shake about it all is that predominately what you believe in is preordained by where you were born. The influence of your family. The society you grew up in. The education you received.

Here in Northern Ireland the most followed beliefs are Christian. A majority of the population is divided into being either Catholic or Protestant.

Does It Matter What You Believe In?
Photo by Pexels. Christianity. The world’s most practiced religion.

In India, the birthplace of 4 of the world’s major religions (Hinduism, Buddhism Jainism, Sikhism), Hinduism is the most popular. In the Middle East you have the birthplace of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Islam being the most widely practiced.

The 2 most popular worldwide are currently, in order, Christianity and Islam.

Whilst these religions are great for establishing some sort of moral foundation. For giving direction and guidance in how best to live your life. To live in harmony and humanity with each other.

There is also no denying that amount of conflict and strife, the amount of wars fought, in their name. Surly with all these different beliefs worldwide they can’t all be right, or wrong?

Like Trinity said to Neo in The Matrix movie. Let me tell you what I believe.

Does It Matter What You Believe in?
The Matrix – Set aside your traditional belief.

To be clear. I am not detracting from anyone’s beliefs. What faith they have. What they choose to believe in. That fact will become clear shortly.

The way I see it every belief system has something in common. Let’s not get caught up in the many different ways that different people, in different countries, over the ages have tried to make sense of it all. Interpretations are wide and varied.

Let’s instead look at the one thing they have in common.

The thought of belief.

Having a faith in something that is outside the grasp of logical understanding or argument. Although my own direct experience has mostly been with Christians. Those Christians have all said the same thing when talking about their God. You just have to believe.

And they’re right. You do just have to believe. I just don’t think it is necessarily a deity that you have to believe in. I don’t think it’s just an external force.

Does It Matter What You Believe?
Photo by Pexels. Is it just about believing?

An idea had come to me when developing my blog. I was trying to find the right way of summing it up. Initially it was just Being Better. But that is fairly well used. I couldn’t find a good web address for it as they were all used up.

I then thought some more about who I am, what I’m about. An inspiration came to me. When I searched it up I found it was available as a web address. The idea was about growing. Moving from darkness to light. From a lack of belief to an abundance. About going from a pothead (Marijuana smoker) to something more. Thus pothead to providence was born.

When people see providence it evokes a religious connotation. In many dictionaries providence is defined as: ‘God conceived as the power sustaining and guiding human destiny’ (Merriam-Webster), ‘The proactive care of God or of nature as a spiritual power’ (Oxford English). However my personal favourite is found in the Collins dictionary: “God, or a force which is believed by some people to arrange the things that happen to us“.

Here’s the thing. I am not religious (even though technically I was raised as Catholic). I don’t believe in God or gods. I don’t follow Buddhas teachings. Matter of fact I don’t follow any spiritual teaching at all.

I do believe though. I believe there is a force that arranges things to happen to us. I believe that force is within us. Within all of us. I believe we are that force.

I believe that within us lies a guiding compass. A compass that points to the right path. The right way to live. It’s specific to us as individuals. Whether we follow that compass is another story.

With all this talk about religions I think it’s time to bring in some science. They’re often seen as direct opposites. You’re either for one or the other. Even though there are many religious scientists.

Does It Matter What You Believe?
Photo by Pexels. Science and Religion usually don’t mix. Are they both trying to explain the same thing?

It’s one experiment in particular. An experiment in quantum mechanics called the double-slit experiment. The most famous example being the 1998 Weizmann experiment.

The results of that experiment led to the popular belief that a conscious mind can directly affect reality. Another variation of the experiment in 2015 by researchers at the Australian National University led them to the conclusion that at the quantum level reality does not even exist if you are not looking at it.

Combine this with the knowledge of the principle of mind over matter. Where the power of the mind can overcome a physical condition like extreme cold for example. Like the Tibetan monks who can control their blood pressure and body temperature by meditating.

Then there’s the placebo effect where people have believed they are receiving treatment for an ailment but were just given a fake. And it still worked.

Do you know that the placebo effect has also been shown to work even when those getting treated were made aware that they were taking a placebo!

My point in telling you this is to make something clear. The mind is a powerful thing. We still don’t, and may never, understand its true capabilities. Using that mind to believe something, can make that something real.

Does It Matter What You Believe?
Photo by Pexels. Your mind is a powerful thing.

What I am saying is that it is important to have a belief. Belief is what can give you purpose. Belief can change your reality to what you want it to be.

If having a belief in a God is your thing? That’s great. If it’s a belief in some other higher power? That’s equally as great. If it’s a belief that we can manifest our own reality. That’s just as good. Even if you believe in nothing. You are still exercising belief.

Your belief is what will carry you through your darkest days. That belief can also elevate you to the loftiest heights. But why just look outside of yourself for that belief? Why not look within? Maybe it’s in both places. Maybe it’s everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Maybe it just exists when you believe in it.

Look at the all the people who are considered successful. Not just in wealth but in achievement. They are just the same as you or I. They are not any more special than the rest of us. They don’t have some hidden secret or magic powers. They are all human beings. They are all made of flesh and bones.

What they all had, or have, was a belief. They believed what they were doing what the right thing for them. They believed that they could make a difference, even if it was only in their own lives. They believed in something more than themselves. They believed in a purpose that drove them. They believe they could find the answer to their questions.

They believed. I believe. Do you?


28 thoughts on “Does It Matter What You Believe In?

  1. Another wonderful post and on a… controversial subject, too. It was a great read, and I agree that belief, regardless of what it is in or for, keeps us going.

    1. Thank you very much KEM.
      Ah sure it’s only controversial for those that like to take themselves too seriously 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed the read and can see my point.
      Best wishes to you.

  2. Another amazing post Chris! I believe in lot of things. The listis very long. So you have to bear with me on that😅
    I’m not that religious person but I’m very spiritual. I do believe that there is a great power above all us, and we all are pieces of it. So we too have great power within. All the answers we are looking for are all within us. Sometimes we may need help of external force to help us but in the end we are the creator of our destiny. Our mind indeed is very powerful, and I believe that mind is where magic happens. I have applied the findings of the experiment myself, and I too believe that conscious mind can directly affect reality. And sure, power of mind can overcome a physical condition. Otherwise I don’t know how can one explain placebo effect (I find placebo effect very fascinating 😁!).
    And apart from all these believes, I believe in myself too. I believe I’m here to serve a purpose and I have a gift which I need to share with the world.😅
    Btw I really love the name of your blog and the idea and thought behind it is beautiful. “Moving from darkness to light. From a lack of belief to an abundance.” I mean, Wow! ❤️
    Thank you for sharing yet another thought provoking post! I really enjoyed it😊
    Much love to you❤️

    1. First off. Thank you very much for saying such lovely things about my post and blog name. You are very kind and I’m glad you found it thought provoking 🙏😊
      Secondly. Your comment is exactly what I was hoping for. Someone to tell me what they believed 🙂 Double thanks for that 😊 I really appreciate that you have done so. (Btw I love long comments 😁)
      I can relate to your beliefs. We do have great power within. An unlimited power. And the answers are there to be found.
      I do believe we are connected to that power through our minds. There is something there we don’t yet understand. Personally I don’t need to understand it. It’s enough to know it works. You have your own experience of that to know 🙂
      I think the placebo effect is very interesting as well. And the fact it still works when people know they’re taking a placebo as well! The mind boggles 🤯
      Hold onto that belief that you’re here to serve a purpose and have a gift. You are and you do! The world needs it otherwise you wouldn’t have it 😊
      I love your take on this and the beliefs you have. Thanks for sharing those with me.
      Much love to you too 🤗

      1. Good morning Chris! 🌞
        Pleasure is entirely mine. I just like to give my honest views and I truly enjoy reading your blog😊
        Oh, I love long comments too (high five on that🤚) I don’t like small talks, be it in person or on messages. I prefer to have either long meaningful conversations or no conversation at all. 😅
        Happy to know you could relate to my beliefs. I have so many beliefs and I can talk go hours talking about them. But unfortunately not everyone is as interested as you are in knowing about them. I really appreciate that quality of yours🤗
        I completely agree with you, there are some things which we don’t understand yet and it’s enough to know it works. I think universe works in mysterious ways and somethings should kept that way😅 But placebo effect really boggles my mind and I seriously want to know reason behind it. That’s one thing my curious mind wants to know answer to. 😁
        Thank you so much your kinds word. I believe we all are here to serve a purpose and that’s the reason we’re still alive. We all have gift which we need to share with the world. And I think you’re sharing yours through your inspiring journey and thought provoking posts❤️
        Have a wonderful weekend with your son 😊
        My love and warm wishes to both of you💕

      2. Good morning to you too 🙂 Well, it’s probably later than that for you by now. (Am on the pc now so lacking in emojis lol)
        Ah You’re a person after my own heart then. Small talk is just so meaningless, pointless, and insignificant. Better of without it. Although I don’t think there are many that would agree.
        Talking about what we believe in is great. It’s the people that aren’t open to possibilities that annoy me. Like we have all the answers when we obviously don’t. We need to be open to be able to grow.
        You’ve been as kind as ever with your thoughts and words. Thank you (respect emoji goes here lol)
        p.s. Don’t know if I’ve told you but I have a real soft spot for people who send love and warm wishes to my son. That’s very considerate of you. Thank you very, very much.
        Much love to you and I hope you have a great weekend (Happy smiley face haha)

      3. I agree, not many people prefer meaningful conversations. And I guess this is the reason I have very few selected friends! Because for me meaningful conversation are the heart and soul of any connections 😄
        I think we both like same kind of people and get annoyed at the same kind of people😂
        O God so many thank you in one comment…pleasure is all mine. seriously don’t know what else to say🙈 I really enjoy interacting with you 😊

        P.s I love using emojis. They make conversations look more interesting and entertaining. But the way you expressed each emoji just made me smile. Hahaha 😂😂

      4. Haha glad I could make you smile 😁
        (Am back on the phone again 😂)
        I think you are right in your thoughts. I do enjoy having people you can really talk to and have meaningful conversations with. I’ve met a kindred soul it seems 🙏
        Although sometimes I do feel a bit too serious. Some people can’t cope if you don’t just talk about sports or tv. That really bores me. There’s so many interesting things and ideas in the world. Like c’mon people.
        Ah likewise. I enjoy our interactions also 😊
        Much love to you and I hope you enjoy your weekend 🤗

  3. You’ve convinced me about you and your belief, and I’m working on myself! Great post, I love this…
    “They believed in a purpose that drove them. They believe they could find the answer to their questions.

    They believed. I believe. Do you?”

    1. Nearly missed this comment Marie lol
      I really appreciate all the time you’ve taken in sending me your lovely comments. It has been very nice of you, and very encouraging. Thank you.
      Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 Best wishes to you and your clan. Much love to you all.

      1. Yes, it takes me a while to get round to things as I am always prioritising in an effort to stay as productive as possible with fibromyalgia/fatigue, but I enjoyed catching up on your posts this morning. Be well & happy!

      2. Even ‘normal’ fatigue can make things more challenging. Nevermind what it must be like for yourself.
        You’ve been a real encouragement this morning Marie. Thank you very much!
        Good health and happiness to you and yours too!

  4. Wow this is some real post about religions and God and beliefs! Well written and analyzed as usually without hypocrisy and lies!👍👍

    I believe in God but not necessary what my church taught me, I had many unanswered questions, I read the Quran, I was lost for some time not believing in anything and then I couldn’t but keep faith, the belief in this soft and divine power you feel but you cannot see, and you don’t need also to give it any name, could be Jesus, or just God, or whatever else! It’s just a feeling, real feeling not an hypocrite one as many people of religions live their life! As you said maybe there’s no external power it’s within us, and loved the Collins definition! 👍

    Loved the science approach! And yes the human brain is really so powerful! I heard it before same as the fake medicine, the miracles that saints do (which are many here) some say it’s the brain power, therefore there’s no external power…It’s a bit tricky for me, I love to believe in miracles, but I’m not religious though!

    “What you believe in is preordained by where you were born” so true! And I believe we should have many choices, not because we were born Christians, Muslims… Just like they teach us Math, Geography, Science…why not? I have friends that turned from Christianity to Islam and vice versa! When they grow up, they weren’t convinced, as I have atheist’s friends as well, they were once Christians or Muslims…

    “Whilst these religions are great for establishing some sort of moral foundation” Now I believe that you don’t need religion to have morals, if you don’t know right from wrong you lack empathy not religion
    Great post Chris 😊 moving to your today’s post now 😊👍

    1. Glad you liked it Huguette 🙂 Took a good bit of time for that one.
      Oh there’s definitely something. I just think it’s so hard to define what it is exactly. People have tried hense all the different views and beliefs. But I think we should keep trying. Not just relay on old books and ideas.
      Glad you liked the Collins definition too. I so like my dictionaries hahaha
      Glad you loved the science approach too. Just trying to build bridges with our knowledge rather than sticking to supposed separations. Think they’re trying to understand the same thing anyway. Just from different angles.
      Oh miracles can still happen although I do think there are a lot of charlatans out there.
      And it’s hard to be religious when the people that profess to be so are the cause of so many problems.
      You are right about not needing religion to have morals. We should feel that naturally within ourselves. Was just thinking about the 10 commandments when I wrote that.
      Anyways, thanks for your insight. Really appreciate it and look forward to it.
      Much love to you Huguette 😊😊

      1. Oh it was worth the time! Such posts are not easy to be well put and analyzed!
        I guess there’s no final answer, just what we feel comfortable with, what we feel and mostly what makes us better human beings!
        Science is too powerful to be ignored! Many generations and thousands of years and they still didn’t discover and analyze everything! And to add something, religious people cannot see sometimes how hypocrite they are, we can feel it from their attitude when you don’t share their beliefs! How they totally ignore your posts no matter how good they are! Or their comments become suddenly cold and just to the point, I can certainly feel that!
        I liked the 10 commandments thing hahah I agree we don’t need religions to be good people indeed! Sorry went out to run a bit with my brother, he dragged me away from laptop😊
        Hope your son is good and your weekend is great
        Much love always 😊😊

      2. Auch thanks. I agree, there may never be an answer. As long as we believe in whatever helps us be better people.
        Actually the only thing that bothers me about the science believers are the ones who think they have all the answers. Especially when we clearly don’t and what we think is true now may not be in a few years. They’re like scientific fundamentalists.
        Oh don’t start me about people that ignore anything that doesn’t suit their religious beliefs. The post I wrote about being the only person you can change was inspired because of a conversation I had with someone who believes the old and new testaments are the direct word of God. I asked him did he know that many gospels were written. And what about the ones left out. And what about the fact they were written a long time after Jesus was meant to be around. And that they were written by men. His eyes just went blank and he kept repeating they were the word of God. So infuriating.
        Got to stop or I’ll end up on a rant again haha.
        Glad you got out for a run. Sensible brother you have there. No need to be sorry. Sure it’s taken me ages to get back to you.
        Thanks for the hopes of goodness for my boy. Always greatly appreciated ☺
        It’s always a pleasure and an honour. Hope you have a great weekend too.
        Much love to your lovely self ❤

      3. Oh yes I got you, and no worries ranting is allowed here hahha
        let’s say I hate when someone is so sure and claim that something is absolute! I mean it’s not! Whether science or religion!
        Anyway I’m about to have some strict rule regarding some blogs, if the content is judgmental and hypocrite, I’m leaving, I respect all people beliefs but I don’t accept imposing beliefs or preaching or disrespecting what is not them…or because they are simply too hypocrite! I don’t need more of them the example you gave, OMG I can relate, the gospels are not even unified for “Christ” sake! This is really some subject! The church will certainly ban me for good (how relieving)
        It was a great run actually, I’m new to the sport world, I hated sport my entire life until I was convinced it should be a part of my life and so it was…Only from less than 2 years I workout regularly
        Wish you a great Sunday and Much love always ☺❤

      4. Ah that’s good…need a good rant now and then hahaha
        With you on the absolute people. Like we know everything. Far as I’m concerned knowledge is like people trying to better themselves…always a work in progress.
        Fair play regarding your blog rules. Some people do seem hypocritical or unwilling to entertain any opposing thoughts. They just want people to agree with their statements. I prefer people who are more open and realistic.
        I actually laughed out loud at the ‘Christ’ sake bit hahaha 😂😂
        Oh no, banned by the church, no afterlife for you then haha
        Glad you enjoyed the run. Fairly new to proper regular exercise myself. It does make you feel good. Worth doing it.
        Oh, some lovely person commented earlier about my adversity post. Said they were happy to see their two favourite bloggers in one post. How nice 😊
        Anyways, I’ve discovered a new challenge for myself that I never believed I would have. It’s a load of comments that need replyed too. Am so far behind haha
        Probably another one of yours in there somewhere 😊 Nice challenge to have.
        Much love Huguette. Will probably be talking to you soon in another post haha 🤗

      5. Ranting time hahaha 😁
        Can’t agree more! I consider myself a work in progress and I will die this way I’m sure! Not modesty, pure fact
        I fed up from some bloggers and I will remove them certainly…
        Yes just because I’m speaking about the gospels thought it would be funny to hit it hahaa 😁
        No afterlife how relieving especially if I’m going to meet all these hypocrites 😂
        I had to go and check this comment 😊I will reply I guess, Swastik is a great blogger and her words are always overwhelming oh very nice indeed 😊
        Believe me I’m sitting from 5:0 PM (it’s 9:00PM now) just replying to comments, you wouldn’t believe I know! Today the blogger I told you she disappeared is back and I was so happy that I didn’t mind replying the comments on all the posts she missed and so! But can you imagine the time? OMG

        Yes will keep chatting I guess, always great to communicate with you Chris. Much love always 😊😊

      6. Ranting time hahaha Love it 😂
        Now that would be a lot of comments. From 5 til 9 OMG is right haha
        I’ve had to tell my boy that I’m gonna be on my phone a while replying to comments. He just laughed because he knows how slow I am at typing on the phone.
        Swastik you say. Ah I’m so glad to finally have a name😊 Was feeling a bit ignorant and didn’t want to ask in case she wanted to keep it secret. I like to use people’s names when chatting with them.
        Glad to hear your old blogger friend is back. Hope she is ok.
        Ah sure it’s great communicating with yourself too Huguette.
        Much love ❤😊

  5. Wonderful blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Many thanks

    1. Thank you very much. I’m glad you like it and I appreciate you saying so 🙂 . To be honest I had no idea it was even listed on Yahoo News! This is news to me. If I find out how it got there I will certainly let you know. The only thing I have done recently is sign up to blogarama if that helps any. Good luck with your endeavours.

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