The Person That Limits You The Most

Limits. We all have them. Sometimes it’s a limit that is put on us. By friends. By family. People we meet. Maybe even our circumstances. There is however one person that limits you the most. Yourself.

We think we can’t do something before we’ve even tried. We think we can’t do it after not trying enough. We think too much.

We might have a fear. It could be a lack of confidence. Whatever it is it makes us limit ourselves. We limit and keep limiting.

Here’s the thing. The thing that should tell you all about limits that you need to know. It’s not a thing actually. It’s an event. The Paralympics.

A sporting event where people of a range of disabilities compete against each other. There are many shining examples of overcoming limits to be found there. Basically everyone taking part.

There are runners who don’t have legs. I’ll write that again so it sinks in. There are runners who don’t have legs!!! Can you imagine how boundless their imagination is? Can you imagine the determination they have? They are limited by their own body and that still isn’t enough to stop them!

The Person That Limits You The Most
Pic by Google. Determination in action!

What’s your excuse for limiting yourself? And make no mistake. It is just that. An excuse.

Look, before you start feeling bad about yourself just remember you are not alone. We all do this to ourselves. Most of us are confined by the limits we set. I know I am. I know that’s why I’m not exactly living the life I want to. I know that’s why I’m doing a job where I’m not using the gifts I have. The abilities I possess.

Why? Because I lived a life of limits. Not feeling I was ever good enough. Not having enough self-confidence, self-belief, or the courage to go out there and do what I need to do.

Ok, maybe I haven’t been clear in just what I wanted to do. Maybe I’ve been afraid to chase the life I’ve really wanted. Most definitely I spent too much time smoking marijuana. Trying to dull the pain of my failures.

Thing is, I know, as you do too (whether you’ll admit it to yourself or not), you are where you are mostly because of yourself. Because of the limits you have imposed. I know that’s not good enough. Do you?

“Seriously, if you always put limits on what you can do, physical or anything else; it’ll spread over into the rest of your life. It’ll spread into your work, into your morality, into your entire being… There are NO limits. There are plateus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. If it kills you, it kills you. A man must constantly exceed his level.” Bruce Lee

I’m writing this post to try to shed some light onto just how much we hold ourselves back from the life we want. I’m also trying to explain some changes that I don’t even understand. This is a new one for me. Bear with me. I normally have my posts well analysed and understood before I write them down. Not this one. It’s more of a go with the flow type of post. It’s me trying to understand if I’ve been limiting myself too much.

This morning I did something I have never done. It didn’t make any sense. I’m not even sure why I did it. I just felt an impulse. An impulse that made me raise my two hands in the air, wide open in a beckoning manner, and shout at the universe to “Come on!”. It wasn’t in a pleading mercy kind of way. It was a ‘I want the most from life’ kind of way.

The Person That Limits You The Most
Photo by Pexels. Get what your life can give you!

If I think about it, it seems strange. I’ve never done such a thing before. Thing is, it felt right.

Now to back up a bit.

This week has been something else. I can tell something has changed. Something that is bigger than the limited me I used to be. I know I recently talked about what I believe. That belief isn’t set in stone though. It’s also evolving. Growing. Becoming a more powerful force than I imagined. I’m even starting to believe my imagination was the thing that was limiting it.

There have been a few synchronicities this week. Things that have happened and been said to me. Things that have even baffled my logical thinking side. Thankfully I also have a side that’s as mad as a box of frogs that’s ready to accept the strange and unusual. There’s always room for more frogs 🙂

I’ve been listening to a book by Jen Sincero called You Are A Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life. Basically it’s a Law of Attraction type of book. I have ignored this book many times when it has appeared in my Audible recommendations. The title made me think it was a book geared to women and also a bit silly for my liking.

This week however I decided to read the reviews found under it on Audible. The second review was someone saying that they didn’t consider reading this book because of the title. That they only did so because it had been recommended to them by friends so much. They then said it was one of the best books they had read. I felt that review was speaking to me so I used my monthly credit on it.

If there was ever a book I needed to listen to it was this. Not just because the author is funny and insightful. Not just because she too was in her 40’s before she really got her life together. But because it has helped set a change in motion. Another shift in my mindset. But one that is a bit more out there than say the difference between the fixed and growth mindset that first set me on this path.

The funny thing is since I have listened to this book I have noticed a real shift, not just in me, but in the world around me. Things are happening. Strange things like money appearing in my bank account that I wasn’t expecting. Like me secretly wishing for something and then it happens.

The Person That Limits You The Most
Pic by Google. Is the Law of Attraction real?

Is it the Law of Attraction (I’ve never really believed in such a thing). Is it something else? Is it just me letting go of certain limiting behaviour? Opening myself up to a world of limitless possibilities?

Now combine this with the fact that two people this morning called me one of their favourite bloggers. That another person suggested an avenue I should pursue in my life outside of blogging (Something I have been thinking about a lot myself) and that another person told me yesterday I had helped uplift and motivate them. And that another person said I had made their day.

The amount of love and positivity that has been received the past few days has been unreal. Frankly more than I’ve had in years. I also received 3 blogging award nominations in 2 days.

Oh I also appeared in 3 local newspapers in relation to my blogging. (That I can rationalise. I’m not great with social media. But old school press releases I can do. So considering a few people have told me to get myself out there more, get marketing. I did so. I made up my own press release and sent it out. Lo and behold it worked).

What is going on? I don’t understand it. Is it coincidence, serendipity, or the Law of Attraction. Is it because I have been working my ass off. Trying daily to dispel any feelings of unworthiness. Trying to break the conditioning that has been put on me by myself and years of negative thinking. Trying to create a better life for my son and I. Trying constantly to take this life and make what I want of it whilst spreading as much joy, love and positivity as I can along the way. Trying to break my limits.

Truth is, I don’t need to understand it. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that I’m not putting limits on myself anymore. And you shouldn’t either!

Whatever this is I’m in. Heart and soul. Full tilt into the unknown. Leave your limits behind and join me. A new world, a new life, awaits you. What are you waiting for?

P.s What do you think? It is the Law of Attraction (Does such a thing exist?) or something else? Is it because I am being more meaningful in my thoughts and actions? Is it just coincidence?

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15 thoughts on “The Person That Limits You The Most

  1. The following quote comes to mind Chris and I think it really confirms what is happening. What do you think? “Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do…”
    (Pope John XXIII) Shared today at Dutchil onthepathleasttraveled blog.
    I hope your story helps lots of people and that helping lots of people helps you!

    1. Ah that’s it in a nutshell Marie!
      I haven’t realised that the negative thoughts aren’t receiving any attention. If they come I quickly let them go. And I have been constantly focusing on the future and what I believe I can achieve.
      Thank you so much for this comment. It has helped with some clarity.
      Best wishes to you and your family!

  2. O dear Chris! You don’t know how happy I’m to know that things have started falling in place for you😃 My day couldn’t have started on better note than this😄
    If you ask me, it’s a result of perfect combination of law of attraction, you working your ass off and optimistic outlook towards life! Because law of attraction doesn’t work if your actions contradict your dreams. 😊
    So happy to know you finally read that book and it changed your outlook towards life. For me, The Secret by Rhonda Byre was a life changing book. I read it when I was in class 11th (which was 2011) and it completely changed me. I don’t even remember the person I was before that! This book introduced me to Law of Attraction and power of positive thinking. And since then, I have used this law (I don’t know how many times) to attract whatever I want in my life. I recommend this book to everyone I meet and so I would recommend it to you as well😃
    This book indeed is Secret to life full of happiness, success and serendipity!❤
    I believe in Law of Attraction with all my heart. And I think when you understand law of attraction, the power of your thoughts and your actions are in line with your dreams… you start seeing signs and start experiencing serendipity😃
    The person I’m today is because of all that!😅

    I’m also happy to read those newspaper articles! They are really good. And this is surely in line with what you what to achieve in future. More power to you❤

    P.s I hope you were referring to me, in one of the two people who consider you to be their favorite blogger. Hahaha😂😂

    Have a wonderful day! Wish you all the success and happiness in life😊
    Much love to you❤

    1. Jeepers Swastik. I’m so sorry for this late reply. Nearly lost your comment in the sea of comments I’ve had. Especially as your one of my favourite people to talk to. Really sorry 😪
      Your happiness makes me happy 😁 Thank you for saying that. And so very kind. And seriously, it gave you a good start to the day! That makes me smile 😁😁 (although as this was yesterday I hope today has been good too).
      Ah yes. I know the book you’re talking about. I don’t know if I’m all in with the Law of Attraction yet but it is very curious. I’m always open to the possibility 🙂
      That said it does make me happy knowing it works for you. That’s great! And the person you are today seems to be a great one 😊
      Here’s hoping for a great future for both of us.
      I thought ‘more power to you’ was just an Irish saying. I’ve just learned otherwise 😂
      And yes. I was referring to you. You’ve helped in making me believe good things are possible 🙏
      I hope you’ve been having a great day and I wish you much success and happiness too. You deserve it for being such a lovely soul 😊
      Much love to you too 🤗

      1. Good morning Chris !🌞
        First thing first, I have to admit that I’m loving this time zone difference between us. Waking up to lovely message like this brighten ups my day😊
        Jeepers? Now, this is the first time I heard someone using this word. I must say, I kinda like the sound of it. I’m gonna add it to my ‘cool words to use’ list.hahaha😂
        And no need to apologise, I completely understand it. 😊
        I was a little skeptical myself when I first learned about law of attraction. And had to see it for myself before I start believing in it. So I don’t expect it from you either, to be all in for it. Knowing that you’re open to possibilities is all I needed to hear. And that’s what really matters!😄

        Now that you mentioned, I had to search what exactly ‘more power to you’ means because what I understand by it is I support you and may you find success in what you’re doing. But when I Googled it, I learned that it can also have negative meaning attached to it in some cultures. I hope that in Irish it means what I intended to say (because I couldn’t find anything relevant when I searched for Irish meaning of it😅 ).

        And thank you Chris for your warm wishes and kind words! It fills my heart with joy and happiness on hearing such nice words from you.😊 I think a simple thank you cannot express how happy and grateful I feel for your warm wishes😊

        Have a happy and wonderful day!😃
        More love to you❤

      2. Ah Swastik, who needs a good morning when you’re the ray of sunshine yourself! 😊
        And you flatter me by saying that my message brightens your day 😊 You’re such a sweetheart 😊
        Jeepers? Haha Think I got that from Scooby-doo 😂😂
        And thanks for being so understanding. Especially when you’re one of the people I enjoy talking too the most 😊
        Well I said am not sure about the Law of Attraction but I got another of Jen Sincero’s books hahaha maybe I’ll be converted yet. And if you believe it and see it in your life there must be something in it.
        That’s so sweet that you googled it. Oh it’s all good. Sure you’re wishing someone more power. What’s cultures think it’s negative. Are they mad! Lol
        In regards to words giving joy and happiness. I get the same thing form you. There’s no thanks necessary. It’s great to give and receive them for both parties 😊 Just spreading the love ☺
        I had a great day today thank you. Hope you have a great day ahead yourself Swastik. It’s always a pleasure chatting with you.
        Much love to you 🤗

      3. The ray of sunshine and one of the favourite person to talk to… Who me? Now I’m flattered 🙈 Hahaha
        Oh, scooby-doo! That’s where I heard it! I was thinking yesterday that I have heard it somewhere, not from someone in person (because otherwise I would have told them how cool this word is😂) but have definitely heard it somewhere. Scooby-door used to be one of my favourite cartoon and I think it still is…hahaha😂😂

        Aha, another Jen Sincero’s book. I like where this is going 😉

        I agree… it’s great spreading love. And it’s always fun interacting with you😊
        Much love to you too!💖

      4. aha Scooby-doo is great. (Never liked Scrappy though. He was just annoying hahaha)
        Yes, well it’s all true 🙂 Ray of sunshine indeed. (Is there a sun emoji? If so. It goes here)
        Law of Attraction convert coming through hahaha we’ll see how it goes. I could listen to her all day. In fact most times I do (laughing emoji twice)
        Likewise Swastik. I hope you’ve been having a great weekend. Much love to you (blushy face) haha

  3. First I thought the journal was a kind of inspirational message worked on photoshop or some application but it was real! 😊😊 Good job Chris😊😊 your inspiring message is going rogue I guess and hopefully your words will reach more and more people!
    As all your posts, this one also strikes a chord because as I mentioned many times it’s coming for a deep experience and it’s so authentic! It’s good you can express in writing so the world can benefit from your experience and struggle!

    “We think we can’t do something before we’ve even tried” how much we hear it on daily basis!

    I loved how you stated it “I’ll write that again so it sinks in. There are runners who don’t have legs!!!” enough said right? We are the only obstacle in our way! How sad is that! Even when we know, we just can’t stop giving excuses!
    Each time I see Nick Vujicic (the man that was born without legs and arms) I feel ashamed! Really ashamed!

    Such a powerful message and truly inspiring coming from the heart and from real experience and a drastic change you experienced yourself!

    So happy from the new attitude: You’re ready for life “stretching your hands” oh wow seems miracles started to happen! Always heard about law of attraction never really experienced it, I guess I should read that book!

    And only you can tell what is that you’re feeling but to be honest just stick to it and it doesn’t matter what name to give and what happened! as you said!

    Great share Chris, always happy to read your words, it’s always inspiring and motivational 😊😊 Much love and respect always <3

    1. Ha ha yes. It was 3 actual newspapers. Couldn’t believe it haha
      Don’t think anyone visited because of it though haha
      Glad you enjoyed it Huguette. You flatter me with your kind words. Thank you 😊🙏
      Much love and respect to you too 😊❤

  4. congratulations on being featured in a newspaper, that is so cool and you look amazing! so confident and determined, love that you have been acknowledged and recognised.

  5. Big congratulations Chris! Something is changing? You made it change! So great and true post! We say that we cannot do something before even trying it! We should never limit ourselves! We should believe in ourselves and go for it!

    1. Exactly Ribana! No point holding ourselves back. Glad you liked the post and thanks for the congratulations. Very kind of you to say so. Best wishes to you.

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