Are We In The Endgame For Humanity?

There’s hardly a person amongst us that hasn’t heard of ‘Avengers: Endgame’. In just 5 days it has made over $1.2billion in the box office. Yet we still can’t get behind a worthy cause to the same effect. Are we dooming humanity to failure?

Look, I get it. I’ve been one of those people who has been as excited as the rest of us in wanting to watch it. I’ve been avoiding spoilers like they were some sort of plague. Avoiding certain social media, avoiding YouTube, even avoiding talking to people about it unless I knew they could keep their mouths shut.

Yesterday it all got too much. I couldn’t wait any longer. I wanted to see it and I wanted to see it now. I’d waited long enough. So even though I had spent my time at work talking to a friend about how I had so much to do that evening and didn’t know how I would find the time. I dropped everything. I decided I wasn’t going to do anything but go and watch the movie.

Are We In The Endgame For Humanity?
‘Avengers: Endgame’ breaks money making records.

Thing is, I’ve woken up today feeling a bit dirty, a bit guilty, a bit annoyed at myself for having done so.

Why? Because as I’ve said in just 5 days we have collectively raised over $1.2billion at the box office. The movie has consumed us. Many conversations have been had about it before and after viewing. The level of interest and excitement has been almost unreal. And all because of something as inconsequential as a movie.

I understand. We all need a bit of fun. A bit of escapism. There’s nothing wrong with that. The thing that is really bothering me is the fact I don’t think we have ever come together, and spent our money, on anything more important than that. How can we collectively spend so much money to watch a movie when we can’t even do the same thing for a cause that would make a real difference in our world?

Where’s the same level of excitement and feeling in regards to solving the hunger in the world, helping those that are homeless, those that have had to leave their homes because of war, famine, or their economic climate.

Are We In The Endgame For Humanity?
Photo by Pexels

It wasn’t that long ago I saw a bit of an uproar about Notre-Dame, the Gothic Cathedral that was burned down in Paris, France. More specifically it was people being outraged at the fact that 2 extremely wealthy families were able to contribute over £200million towards the restoration of that Cathedral.

Are We In The Endgame For Humanity?
Notre-Dame donations cause outrage

There was outrage. There was anger. How could these 2 families donate so much money for a building. Bits of stone and glass. How could an international fundraising campaign be started for a building when there are so many problems in the world they could help solve with that money. So many children starving.

Look at the picture below. Notice the amount of money raised at that time? Notice how it was horrifying and disturbing. Any hypocrisy yet?

Are We In The Endgame For Humanity
Daily Mail article

Here’s the thing, that building is a national treasure. It’s a piece of French history. Its architecture is adored worldwide. It’s important to more than just the French people.

Now how many of those outraged people went to see ‘Endgame’? Quite a few I imagine. How many of us contributed to the $1.2billion it raised at the box office. Not for an important historical landmark, not to save starving children, but for a movie company, and just to be entertained for a few hours.

Where’s the outrage over that? Where’s the complaints about such an excessive amount of money going to waste? Going into the hands of a few people nevermind a historical visitors attraction that benefits many.

Are We In The Endgame For Humanity?
The only ‘outrage’ over ‘Endgame’ box office earnings.

We complain about the inequality in the world. We complain about how the top 1% have a greater amount of wealth than the bottom 30%. But who do we complain about when we have collectively just handed over $1 billion, and felt good in doing so, just to watch a movie.

Are We In The Endgame For Humanity?
Photo by Pexels

Can you imagine what we could have done with that money? The difference we could have made in countless lives if we all got together with the same amount of enthusiasm and put that money towards worthy causes. Can you imagine? Or are you still thinking about how fat a certain character in the movie was?

We’re all hypocrites, you and I. We live in a world of inequality. We live in a world where we would rather hand our money over to a few rather than come together and make our world a better place for ourselves and our children. We should be giving to those who have nothing. But do we? Certainly not to the extent that we will just to be entertained.

I know there are people who are dedicated to helping others. People who have given their lives to benefit those less fortunate. There are people. But they are not the masses. They are not the hundreds of thousands or even millions that have flocked to the cinema this past week.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m just as guilty as the rest of us. But stop blaming the rich for the worlds problems. Stop blaming those with money and criticising how they spend it. We are no better. The problem with the world isn’t someone else. The problem is us. The problem is you. The problem is me. The problem is where we put our values.

Are We In The Endgame For Humanity?
Photo by Pexels

The problem is how we would rather give our money away just so that we can be distracted for a few hours instead of being able to come together and spend that money for the benefit of humanity.

If a movie can motivate us better than a picture of starving children or homeless people living on our streets what hope do we have? Can we really come together on a massive scale to solve the worlds problems or is our only sad hope to include a charitable donation on the price of a movie ticket?

We need to change. We need to get our values right. We need to get smart, and get smart quick. Are we in the real Endgame? Not the Endgame for the Avengers. But for Humanity as a whole?




17 thoughts on “Are We In The Endgame For Humanity?

  1. First let me tell you that we are certainly in the endgame for humanity! (My opinion at least) we are dooming humanity to failure despite all the good in this world!

    I believe that no harm from having fun and making good movies but it’s getting ridiculous that’s for sure and most of people don’t give a shit if there are still humans that starve and die…

    About me I don’t feel any guilt by wanting so badly to watch a series or a movie that costs billions because I won’t change anything if I didn’t, I just try in my life to help people as much as I can, I can’t change how this world is functioning and how billions are spent by some while a piece of bread is a dream for others…But I look around here in my country, I see people founding NGOs to provide free treatment for cancer, to help the poor, the orphans, the drug users,…they have lot of help from wealthy people but you’re right not certainly the same amount of money spent on movies and series and luxury things sometimes. You gave the Cathedral of Paris and I heard it many times, why you didn’t care about the children dying in wars and from hunger…I have no answer, I know many are working hard to help these people but it’s not enough and will never be I guess…

    From my point of view, this all about politics and big countries’ inclinations: not all humans deserve to be saved anyway as the big people that are ruling the world believe, after all wealthy people will support power and money not poverty and misery…
    Moreover, why all these people are in deep shit from the first place? Oh yes, another source of wealth: Weapons and conflicts and separation so they can rule: divide and conquer? Oh yes that’s it!
    But we’re not all hypocrites, some people give all what they have and some as much as they can…I know I do…But I understand what you mean and what the few people are doing is certainly not enough, because the majority is doomed!
    I will stop here because it’s not a comment anymore hahah
    Thank you Chris for sharing and glad the movie was so inspiring (see there are benefits from it😂😂 )

    1. Haha I still enjoyed the movie and obviously talk about it. I guess the thing that struck me was how easy millions of people have been able to get behind a common thing so easily.
      The same principle could be applied to overcoming that divide and conquer mentality that is put on us.
      Humanity being doomed I’m still on the fence about that. The same issues we have now have been around for thousands of years. We’re just more aware of it in this global world. That’s what I hope anyway. Although things like all the plastic in the ocean might disagree 😐
      I agree about politics and big countries inclinations and weapons. The fact there even is an arms industry is a joke. There obviously is an elite that wants to remain so. But their fear is the masses. The same masses that could come together if they really wanted. The same masses that spend most of their time talking shit about movies and sports.
      There are lots of good people doing good things. But it’s like putting a band aid on a deep wound. The issues need to be tackled at the source.
      The Paris thing. The same media who pushed the starving babies agenda are talking about how much money a movie has made without even blinking.
      Such is the nature of our world I guess. As long as we are docile and compliant.
      Ahh I think we could go for hours on this topic haha
      Cheers for the insight Huguette. Much love to you 😊❤

      1. We can go hours indeed! Some subject!
        I agree about the media and its effect, the band aid on a deep wound! That was really accurate…I just hope more people will choose the good despite how dark it might seems and I disagree partly with you that the same issues have been around but we’re more aware about them now, I’ll start with your example: the plastic, then the pollution, the very advanced weapons, the obsession with appearances and imitating others…The social media monster! The people were simpler, the world was simpler…
        We can go forever I guess so I’ll just bring the Amnesty International motto which is a Chinese proverb: “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness” This is my motto in life
        Cheers to the insight and exchange indeed and much love to you 😊😊❤

      2. It is some subject. One of those long story ones haha
        Well, when you put it like that I have to take back my remark. We are fucked 😒 The past world had a lot of the problems but way less than now.
        Oh I like that motto. No point dwelling in and cursing the darkness. But at this stage we’d need a damned big ass light.
        Anyways. We’re hardly going to put the world to rights on here.
        Likewise with the insight and exchange.
        Going to get a read of your post now. Productive day it seems. Good on you 👍😊
        Much love Huguette 😊❤

      3. hahah oh yes we are! 🙄🙄
        We need a miracle not only a big ass light!
        But we keep hope for now 🙂
        It was a busy day and then after it was about to end, I decided to write a small note about Labor Day and I couldn’t stop hahaa totally me
        hope you will like it and much love to you 😊❤

      4. Haha Well you never know (Although I don’t really believe in miracles 🙄).
        Will keep hoping though 🙂
        Haha Just back from reading that small note you couldn’t stop. I call that getting inspired 😊 Times like that you need to get it all out 👍
        Oh yes. Really liked it. Left you a comment over there.
        Goodnight and much love Huguette 😊❤

      5. we never know 😊
        Yes when inspiration strikes haha you’re right!
        Thank you for reading and for the valuable comment as always 😊 Goodnight to you as well and much love 😊 <3

      6. If I was a praying person I’d be on my knees asking for that miracle now 😊
        Feeling inspired is great. As long as you can get it out. It bugs me when I get an idea then have to wait hours before I can get it written. So frustrating.
        Bit apprehensive this morning. Waiting to see how things pan out with A. Fingers crossed.
        Hope you have a good morning and great day.
        Much love always Huguette 😊❤

      7. Hope things will go smoothly then! Best of luck 😊
        When I have an idea, the words flow I guess unless it’s not that strong but when it is, words come easy gladly
        Have a great day ahead and much love and support to you 😊 <3

      8. Hi Huguette. Hope things are good 😊
        Had a few difficult days and wasn’t on here. Trying to get caught up now.
        Much love to you 😊❤

      9. Good morning Chris! Hope you’re good today and A is better 😊 Was reading your post, I was away yesterday, sorry for the difficult time you had and hope things are getting better now!
        Much love and support 😊 <3

  2. CJ this was so insightful! I agree with this so much and glad you put it to words. I’ve often wondered why people will pour out their money to things of no importance when theres starving folk out here. Yes I love movies too but I do wish we could pull together for important things when need be!

    1. Thanks for your view Pamela. I like my movies too but if we can all come together so easily on something so simple why can we not apply that to making a better world for us all.
      It seems a no-brainer really.
      I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Hope you and your family are keeping well.

  3. I don’t think we can really come together to solve the worlds problems…even if the willingness may be there but we are not allowed too…I do think is the endgame for our humanity.

    1. It is quite scary the direction we seem to be going in. No lessons learned from the past and we can affect the planet drastically.
      You do have a point. Even if the willingness was there. there are powers that want to keep us divided.
      Thanks for your view on this.

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