Want To Know The True Secret To Success?

So what is the secret to success? That special something that will give you an edge, a jumpstart, a leg-up, on the road to riches.

The simple answer is: There is none. There is no secret to success.

There’s no shortcut. There’s no magic formula. The universe won’t just give it to you if you ask.

There are only 2 basic things that might help. Something you have control over and another in which you don’t.

These 2 things are hard work and luck. Yeah, luck! Pure chance. And it is to a large extent. But I believe that luck can be aided. Have a better chance of occurring.

Hard work

Hard work does not give you a guarantee of success. This shouldn’t come as any real surprise as the only real guarantee in life is death.

Hard work, however, does give you a greater chance of success. A success you would have no chance of attaining if you did not work hard in the first place.

What Is The Secret To Success?

The key proponents of hard work are self-discipline and persistence. That ability to keep pushing on even when things don’t seem to be going your way. A person who works hard with grit and determination will succeed over a talented person who doesn’t.


You can’t do anything about luck. Or can you? There’s plenty of people out there carrying a rabbit’s foot, or a four-leaf clover, or who have a ‘lucky’ number. They probably believe it brings them good fortune. But do you think that really helps? I seriously doubt it.

What Is The Secret To Success?


New York Times best-selling author Robert H Frank, in his book ‘Success and Luck: Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy’, argued that: “Success and failure often hinge decidedly on events completely beyond any individual control”.

He’s right. To an extent. But while luck appears to be completely random I do think there is something you can do to improve your chance of success.


Setting Goals

Setting goals provides you with a clear vision of what you want to achieve. It’s your road map to success. Not only that but the setting of those goals even gives you a greater chance of success.

In a study on goal-setting led by Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews, at the Dominican University in California, some interesting results were observed.

People who wrote their goals down had a 35% success rate in goal attainment.

A more surprising result was also shown by people who not only wrote their goals down but updated a friend with those goals on a weekly basis. Their success rate jumped to 70%!

So writing your goals down increases your chance of success but writing them down and publicly announcing them on a regular basis increases that chance twice as much.

Luck is like the roll of a dice. The more times you roll that dice the better chance you have of your number coming up.

What Is The Secret To Success?

It therefore stands to reason that the more times you ‘roll the dice’ on your goals. The more steps you take in the right direction. The greater the chance of more opportunities coming your way and the greater chance of achieving the level of success you want.

“Diligence is the mother of good luck.”  Benjamin Franklin

So there you have it. Success is the result of persistent, unyielding, hard work and a bit of luck. Luck which can be aided by the setting and making public of clearly defined goals. That’s it. That’s as close to any secret you are going to discover.

With that in mind. Good luck with the success you want in life and keep rolling that dice. You never know when your number will come up.







9 thoughts on “Want To Know The True Secret To Success?

  1. True that there is no shortcut! I think you are also right on about luck, especially well put with that “the more times you roll the dice” simile. In one regard it’s a matter of willingness to fail, that those who don’t want to risk getting a losing outcome when they roll the dice – never roll it at all – whereas those who accept failure, just keep rolling again and again. An old famous skier called Ingemar Stenmark once got ‘asked’ by a reporter “Wow! That was lucky you didn’t fall at that turn!” and he responded “Yes. It is peculiar how I get more lucky the more I practice”.

    1. Haha I like that response. And so true it is.
      I like the way you put it. The ‘willingness to fail’. Fear can hold people back so much that they never take the chance. They fail without even trying. As you say it’s about accepting your failures and still trying again after.
      I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Best wishes to you.

  2. one reason i like journal writing regularly, and reading what i wrote, gives me a overview of where i am coming from and how much i have achieved. our success cannot be measured against others achievements, it is only inspiration to create our own magic. and you my friend inspire me greatly. i am a firm believer of hard work and persistence, don’t give up especially on people, people should be our priority and are our biggest success in life. such a wonderful feeling after reading this

    1. I think keeping a journal is a great idea. Especially to help you see how far you have moved on. I guess my blog has become my journal in a way 🙂
      It is very kind of you to say that my writing inspires you. I really appreciate that. Thank you.
      I also agree about people being our priority and greatest success in life. I know when things get tough I tend to batten down the hatches and just stay close to my boy. Remember what is important. As a family woman I’m sure you can appreciate that yourself.
      Thank you for your kind words as always Gina and much love to you and yours 🙂

      1. sorry for the late replies, much work and events going on. yes my blog is sort of or was and maybe still is like a journal, not in any particular order but it is here for my kids to read and for me to look back upon. also a collection of things I don’t want to forget, as I read yours is so much so too.

        I do the same when the going gets tough…oh and with chocolates and coffee, they are the best soul comforts!! We create this safe place don’t you know, and our kids also come back to this space we give them.

        I am smiling as I write this, as parents we share the common love of just doing what is best at that moment, the rest is just confetti.

        Blessed weekend ahead my friend!

  3. Nowadays many people proclaim that it’s not only working hard, it’s working smart because many people work so hard but they accomplish nothing so probably as you said it the combination of hard work and setting goals and a bit of luck as well, I agree on luck even if it’s not clear, but it’s the events that happen and help you without any efforts from you, so it’s pure luck I guess!
    And we see many people working hard day and night but without any aim or goal and their life remain as is…

    I don’t know about informing a friend about your goals, I always feel that when you tell people about your goals, something occurs, and they don’t happen eventually…maybe it’s wrong but I believe that working silently is better but it’s debatable I guess
    No secret for success, it’s all well-known and tips are free for everyone I guess 😊
    Thank you for sharing 😊

    1. It’s funny that you say about working smart because after I wrote that post I was thinking I should’ve said that. You can work hard but if you don’t work smart as you say we will accomplish nothing..
      I understand about wanting to remain quiet about your goals. But I have found in recent months that when one of my friends and I talk about what we are doing each week in regards to our goals it gives us a little push to have something worthwhile to say. Otherwise one of us will be calling the other some unfortunate names ahaha Actually that friend is the one who felt bad after one of my posts and had asked me what personal development books to read. He has since started making his own VR game!
      I guess it’s about knowing what works best for yourself.
      Much love Huguette. Think I have a comment left ahaha Love it!!!

      1. see I have added for you the idea hahah It’s actually I see it on daily basis, working hard is not enough unfortunately
        Told you it’s debatable and you’re probably right about telling your goals…
        It’s a great push, to prevent hearing names hahah and I remember your friend and so happy he reached this point already! Well done 😊
        Let’s see what I still have 🙂 Much love to you 😊

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