The Top 5 Audiobooks That Helped Change My Life

Audiobooks have a power all to themselves. If you haven’t begun to listen to them I would really advise you to. Yes, it’s much different than traditional reading. But if you are into personal development and want to improve upon yourself, to change your life, and you are not just reading for leisures sake, I would highly recommend them.

The level of accessibility is so much more beneficial to you. You can listen when and where you want and therefore it is so much easier to fill your mind with great thoughts and ideas even as you do the mundane things like exercising, the chores in your home, or when traveling to work.

The Top 5 Audiobooks That Helped Change My Life
On the move and still learning

I really do credit personal development audiobooks as one of the main things that have helped me move on from being a recently separated, really depressed, heavy marijuana smoking, single dad, to someone who doesn’t smoke weed, exercises regularly, works harder than ever and is full of optimism and hope for the future for both my son and myself.

(This post contains affiliate links. This means if you purchase one of these books I get a small precentage at no extra cost to yourself.)

Audible has been my main resource in listening to these books. When you sign up to the basic package you get 1 credit per month. That credit covers any value of book so I tend to save it for the most expensive ones and then just buy the cheaper books outright or with extra credits when I need them.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love books. The job I once enjoyed the most was working in a bookstore. I love the feel of having a book in my hand. I love just spending hours getting lost in the world the author creates.

Unfortunately, since my separation, I just don’t have those hours to devote to such leisure time. Matter of fact, there is only going to be 1 work of fiction I will read this year. It’s due out in October. I’ve already decided to myself that then and only then will I allow myself the luxury of reading a hard copy.

The Top 5 Audiobooks That Have Helped Change My Life
Reading books takes time. Time we don’t always have.

Apart from that, it’s audiobooks all the way. Mostly because of the convenience I mentioned above. But partly because since I started to listen to audiobooks I have noticed something else that brings something extra to the experience of the book. The narrator. That voice that isn’t our own. Unfortunately, it’s a double-edged sword.

The narrator can add something extra to your enjoyment of the book or they can ruin it completely. Some of the most interesting audiobooks are the ones where the narrator (usually when the author reads) veers off the standard text to add something additional they have just thought of.

However, some of the terrible ones are also the books read by the author. Some authors that narrate really should have just stuck to the writing.

Like Stephen R. Covey’s classic ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ which, while narrated by the author himself and which almost always features on someone’s list of great personal development books, is insanely boring to listen to. Booorrriinngggg.

The answer to life itself could be in there and I still couldn’t listen to it. Seriously, I didn’t even last 5 mins. Rather than helping me I felt it suck the very life out of my soul. If this was the first Personal Development book I had listened to I would have stopped right then and there. Thank god it wasn’t.

The Top 5 Audiobooks That Helped Change My Life
This woman’s face looks like mine after listening to 7 Habits

Another notable mention in what to avoid is the often recommended ‘The 5 Second Rule’ by Mel Robbins. Do you really want to spend just over 7 hours and 30 minutes listening to someone expound on a rule that can be summed up in one sentence? And a short sentence at that.

Before you do anything count backward from 5. That’s it. Geez Louise. A career has been made out of that one. I tried it with my opinion on this book. Yeah, it’s still a long, drawn out, piece of trash.

For the purpose of this list I am leaving out my top three most influential books as I have already covered them in a previous post . Especially as my number 1 book I actually read and have not listened to!

(This post contains affiliate links. This means if you purchase one of these books I get a small precentage at no extra cost to yourself.)

The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene

I’m including this book as it was one of the earliest audiobooks I listened to, and kept listening to, even though it is over 28 hours long! I would even consider this book a masterpiece that everyone should listen to or read.

It provides a complete breakdown of the various aspects of human nature. Our drives and motivations. Basically what makes us tick. Each chapter covers a different ‘law’. From irrationality, narcissism, compulsive behavior, self-sabotage, repression, envy, aimlessness, etc. Greene uses historical examples from the likes of Martin Luther King Jr, Pericles, Queen Elizabeth I, Mary Shelly and many others to show you the law in action. Absolutely fascinating.

This book is so well executed and so easy to follow and will help provide you with a greater understanding of why we sometimes do the things we do. Really, such a surprising and eye-opening book.

Choose Yourself: Be Happy, Make Millions, Live The Dream by James Altucher

The book, narrated by the author, provides you with some practical advice on how to make your life better. Altucher is a man who made millions, lost them all, made them all again, and lost them again! After his second failure he said he felt so low he was contemplating killing himself as he knew that his life insurance would help to provide for his family better than he then could.

What he did instead was look back at his life to see where he had gone wrong. From that, he developed his ‘daily practices’, which are simple and easy to apply, and has never looked back. Told with wit and self-deprecation this is an enjoyable listen as well as a really helpful and practical personal development book.

I enjoyed this book so much that as soon as I was finished I picked up the follow-up: ‘The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth‘. In it, he expounds on some ideas brought up in the first book. Honestly, I didn’t really get anything extra from it. I really don’t think I will ever go back to it. The first book really covers everything.

Get Your Shit Together: How To Stop Worrying About What You Should Do So You Can Finish What You Need To Do And Start Doing What You Want To Do by Sarah Knight

Another book narrated by the author which provides some real workable practical advice. Knight spent 15 years working in the publishing industry before she basically had a breakdown and decided she wanted to start living life on her terms.

She explains the steps she took and gives great advice based on her own experience and ‘chipmunk’ theory. Basically, we’re all either Alvin’s, Theodore’s, or Simon’s (It makes sense when you listen to it), or a combination of them. I think this would be a great book for someone just starting out on the personal development front.

Be warned, as she says so at the beginning of the book, there are a lot of ‘shits’ in this book (332), which is read with a real sense of humor. Honestly, they sometimes feel a bit forced. Like she’s purposely trying to be ‘edgy’. That said it’s still a great book with great helpful ideas.

Crush It!: Why Now Is The Time To Cash In On Your Passion by Gary Vaynerchuk

Ok, so this book has been cited by many successful business people as the book that has helped them become successful. In this book, also read by the author, Vaynerchuk outlines the steps you should take in order to be successful in business and life. He talks about how he increased the value of his family’s wine business using various social media.

Like one of my personal favorites, Grant Cardone and his Be Obsessed Or Be Average, it is very motivational. But also, like Cardone, I find the push on and keep pushing on attitude a bit unrealistic at times especially for people that have many other commitments like work and family. As a working single parent with no real support, I find that attitude can sometimes be a bit impractical. A great inspiring and educational listen none-the-less.

His follow-up book, Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business And Influence – And You Can, Too, features a selection of success stories from people who were influenced by Crush It! as well as some more updated information due to the changes in digital technology and the internet.

You Are A Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life by Jen Sincero

Here’s the thing about this book. I’m not sure about this Law of Attraction stuff. Really, I have my doubts. And I’m not a fan of meditation. Two things that are really important to this book. So why is it on my list?

My answer is simple. As well as being full of great life story awesomeness and told with a great style and wit. Listening to this book just makes me happy. I don’t care if I don’t really believe in the Universe giving you what you ask. I don’t care that I’ll probably never meditate. But I could listen to this woman all day.

She does give great advice on gratitude, forgiveness, overwhelm, and other things not necessarily connected to the things I don’t care about. And with chapters called Doing vs Spewing, Fear Is For Suckers, and Lead With Your Crotch (which isn’t what you think), she obviously has a great way with words.

Sometimes with audiobooks it’s as much about how the information is presented rather than just the information itself. Yeah, I tune out a bit when it comes to Meditation and Law of Attraction stuff but I keep listening all the same because I’m afraid of missing something else even if it’s just a funny anecdote.

So there you have it. The books that have most influential to date on my journey of personal development, of trying to be a better me. Each audiobook on here I have personally got something out of. Some have been more impactful than others but they all have had great information that has helped me develop as a person. I hope you get as much out of them as I have.

If you have any suggestions for other great audiobooks. Books that have also helped change your life. Please let me know.



17 thoughts on “The Top 5 Audiobooks That Helped Change My Life

  1. Great read… You have inspired me to take up listening to audiobooks as I haven’t yet.
    But what is that one piece of fiction you’re going to read? I’m curious…

    1. Thank you. You won’t regret it. I put off listening to them for years but now I can’t do without them.
      The fiction book is just the next one in a series I’ve been reading since 2006. It’s The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.

      1. I agree. And I love that too. You get so invested in their journey.
        Thank you! The latest book is already a year overdue so I’m quite giddy that it’s coming out later this year.
        Best wishes to you 🙂

  2. I believe that audio-books are a great idea especially for the lack of time purpose and also as you said if the information is well presented, it’s more important than information itself, I imagine my face will be just like this woman if I heard the book: ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ 😂😂
    I kept hearing how important is this book, my friend gave it to me but I don’t really remember if I finish it or not…and this is really weird for such an important book! Or maybe I’m not a good reader haha

    Sounds really good books, I clicked the books links, the audible is free but I need to add some card information, I will see how to solve this haha
    I love Sarah Knight already 😀 and also The Laws of Human Nature book seems interesting and all the books you shared as well, each one is different and worth reading. Hopefully I’ll get them all with the books from previous post as well 🙂
    Hope you’re having a good week, less hectic and more relaxing 😊
    Much love and support 😊 <3

    1. Haha Yes. It surprised me how boring it was considering it is regarded as a classic. Oh, my friend listened to it also. He thought the information was very good but that it was very much like a university text book. He said that he had to increase the speed of the audio just to get through it hahaha
      Thought you would like Sarah Knight 🙂 She also wrote ‘The Life Changing Magic of not Giving A Fuck’. Still have to check that one out myself. It’s on my wish list.
      Sure, don’t worry about getting the books from there. As long as you get them from somewhere.
      Hope you are keeping well Huguette and I appreciate the love and support although I do feel things are falling apart a bit. Me and A have been ill. It did give me time to write a post although I’m debating publishing it as it’s very negative.
      Much love <3 See there's another comment here 🙂

      1. Good morning Chris and hope you’re having a good day 🙂 sorry to hear you’re both Ill and hope you will get well soon :/
        I guess we should write what we feel, and we can’t be positive the entire time, that makes us look fake and pretentious so I say you must publish it
        I will settle this online thing, I can’t keep asking favors, and then will see of course 🙂 Will check that too for Sarah Knight, sounds great as well
        Hope today will be better than the previous days then and you’ll get your energy and health back
        Much love to you <3

      2. I guess it’s good night by now Huguette.
        Thanks for the well wishes. We’re feeling a lot better.
        I did publish. Upon reflection I now realise some of the attitudes I have been having towards certain things absolutely sucks. Guess I’ve still a lot of changes to make. I’ve allowed myself to slip too much. Really need to get my act together.
        Hope you’ve had a great day. Talk soon and much love to you ❤

      3. Good morning Chris and hope things are better at your end for you and A and your health is also better 🙂
        I guess we’re in a constant battle with ourselves and attitude and reactions, and as long as we’re monitoring and changing and improving, no harm at all, we’re not angels after all! Wish you all the beat and much love to you as well <3

      4. Hi Huguette. Hope you’ve been having a great weekend 🙂
        Everything is back to relative normality here thankfully.
        We aren’t Angels. Wouldn’t be a bad thing though if we were.
        Much love to you ❤

      5. Good morning Chris, glad to know things are back to normality ans hope all is better at your end! 🙂 No we’re not angels, we are work in progress projects and we try to always improve
        Much love to you as well <3

      6. Hi Huguette. The back to normality didn’t last very long. It’s been a bit of a shitty time and I almost got fired. But, hey ho, just got to keep going.
        The angels are taking a bit of a back seat I reckon.
        Hope you have been keeping well and things are good for you. Much love to you <3

      7. Hello Chris, I’m sorry no good news after you’ve been away for a while! This is actually awful news to know that you almost got fired also! What’s happening? Why things are deteriorating this way
        I’m actually good, even if I’m not good I always try to keep things going and normal because this is the only way as I see it actually
        Hope A is doing well and it’s not about him all this as well
        I say you read some older posts of you, and remember where you have been and how you managed to beat it, I don’t know what else to add
        Much love and support to you ❤️

      8. Hi Huguette, I appreciate the love and support. Thank you.
        Yeah, it was A. But then am not very good at coping when I know he isn’t. It’s just so heartbraking and I feel so helpless in that regard as the hole he has is not one that can be filled by me no matter how hard I try.
        Things are improving but it seems very fragile at times.
        I really need to take a page out of your book and be more in control regardless of my emotional state.
        Hope you’ve had a good weekend.
        Much love always Huguette ❤

      9. Good morning Chris, I’m sorry that it’s the case and it seems so hopeless, but everything has a solution, think a bit outside the box, meet his mother and see what can be done…you can’t remain miserable just because your son is having normal issues because he misses his mother or he’s growing up…You need to just be convinced that this is a part of having a kid and do whatever it takes to live in peace, both of you…Probably I’m not expert but I know one thing that at the end we need to face, fight and take hard decisions…otherwise life is unbearable
        Much love and support and hope things will get better <3

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