Making This Shit Up

Every day we are bombarded with millions of different thoughts and ideas. Lots of different ways to live your life. The best way to do this and that. But there is one thing we tend to forget in this age of information overload. And it is one thing easily forgotten. The fact that everyone is making this shit up.

(Be warned. This post contains swear words.)

The world we live in can seem to be such a distracting and overwhelming place. Sometimes we struggle. We can be beaten down, worn out, maybe even begin to wonder just what it is all about.

When it comes down to it we don’t have a clue. We still can’t answer any of the BIG questions. Who we are? Where do we come from? Why are we here?

When you look at the basics you’ll realise that nothing has changed. After all this time. Thousands of years. We still don’t have a clue. We’re still trying to make sense of it all.

The only things that haven’t changed since day zero are that we need food, air and water. With a bit of shelter thrown in. That’s it! Everything else is just make-believe. A fantasy we have created.

Even reality itself, when viewed scientifically, can’t be agreed on. Is it an illusion, a computer simulation, all just in our minds? Fact is, we’re not sure. What idea we have about it now may not be the idea we have in 10 years or 100.

The only thing you can be a bit sure of is that sometimes it feels like it sucks. Sometimes it doesn’t.

The only certainty in life is death and even that doesn’t count as death is no life at all. And don’t even start me on the possibility of an afterlife. You don’t know. You can’t prove it. When you’re dead. It’s over.

Making This Shit Up
Is our reality even real?

Everything you see around you, the buildings we live in, the work we do, the society we have created and are a part of. It’s all made up. It’s just thoughts turned into ‘reality’. Thoughts that we have collectively accepted and adopted into our daily routines. But just thoughts none-the-less.

The beauty of thoughts is that they can change. What you think about something today may not be what you think of it tomorrow.

Even the supposed greatest scientific discoveries could be proven wrong in the future. Even the thoughts we collectively agree on, thoughts that have become socially acceptable, could end up being pure bullshit.

Thoughts in the past that didn’t suit the commonly accepted reality, the outlier thoughts, thoughts like the sun being the centre of our solar system, were disastrous for the people who believed them.

Now we laugh at how stupid the people were for not believing in them.

Our era, the time we live in now, is just as fallible to this mindset. Each time period likes to believe they are at the pinnacle. That their thoughts and ideas are right. That doesn’t make it so.

The problem for a lot of us in this economic world we have created is that other basic need. The one we need to survive because trading and community togetherness is something that is severely lacking, especially in the Western world. Money. Another made-up entity.

Making This Shit Up
More made up shit

Money is the reason we become so accepting of the shitty life we sometimes find ourselves in. The shitty life most of us have to deal with. The ‘us’ that aren’t in the top 1%. Why is that? Why do we give up and settle for that which is mediocre and mundane? We say it’s because we have to pay the bills. Put that all-important food on the table. That roof over our head.

But really we gave up long before that. We gave up after we got beat down by those around us as we were growing up. The people that told us to accept our lot. To be happy with what we got. To grow up, get a job, and stay there until we die.

We gave up because we didn’t know any better. Because it is what those that came before us did. Those that believed that the shit they were told, the shit that someone else just made up, was true.

The difficulty now is breaking out of that turd shaped mould you have made for yourself. The one that has been years in the making. The one that has you stuck with one foot in the shitty accepted reality and the other trying to make it into the reality you want for yourself.

The point here is that if everyone is just making this shit up then why not start making your own shit up too?

Stuff the conventions, the accepted ways of thinking. The ‘do a shitty job til you retire or die’ mentality. Fuck that! You only have one life. Make that life count as much as possibly can. If people don’t understand you, so what. You just might be ahead of your time or you could be a raving looney. Does it really matter?

What matters is what matters to you. Have some courage. Follow that impulse inside you that calls to be explored. Stop settling for what other people, mostly your family, friends and society at large, are thinking you should do.

Why let yourself get sucked into some sort of misguided conception that things are the way they are because lots of people are happy to accept them as such? Just because lots of people believe something doesn’t make it true. Past collective beliefs have been proven wrong before remember?

We tend to forget that this thing we call life, when the basics are accounted for, is an open book. A blank canvas. A fucking opportunity.

Each day is an empty page for you to fill. Each day a gift to discover something new. Each day a chance for you to create a world according to your thoughts and beliefs. Why give up that chance just to accept what someone else has thought instead? Are they any different or better than you? Are they fuck!

Look, I get it. I didn’t always think this way. I tried to get off this planet in my early 20s. I thought it was pointless. It wasn’t even fun.

It’s been another lifetime since then had I been successful. Truthfully, there are still shit times around.

There are still days where I forget. I forget that we are making this shit up. I forget I should be making my shit up too. What we think of as reality can get a bit confusing like that.

So be brave, have courage, forge your own path. Don’t let what other’s think you should be doing, what way you should be behaving, define who you want to be.

They’re just making this shit up. Maybe you should be making your own shit up too!

P.s. This is an excerpt of a book I am currently writing and the reason I’ve only been posting once a week for this last few weeks. Once it is complete normal blog posts will resume. Thanks and much love to anyone who drops by.


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    1. Thanks again 🙂 I’ve about 3/4 of it written. Because you’re the first person to say anything I’ll even get you a free copy when the time comes.

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