Everyone Is Looking For Something

Everyone is looking for something. We want more. More love, more money, more fun, more life. We’re always seeking, always looking outward, trying to find that elusive extra something. That something special that will make us feel complete.

But what if we already have it and just haven’t realised? What if we are just looking for something in the wrong places?

This constant looking for something reminds me of an old kung fu movie called ‘The Last Dragon’ where our hero ‘Bruce Leeroy’ is trying to attain a sublime glow that means he has reached the level of ultimate mastery. At the beginning of the movie his sensei tells him his training is complete. He has nothing more to learn. But Leeroy doesn’t believe him as he doesn’t have the glow.

He is then sent on a quest to find another great master. A quest that, when fulfilled, leaves him more perplexed. It was a fake quest. The great master was a fortune cookie machine.

Disappointed he returns to his sensei only to be told that there is yet one place he has not looked. The place where he will find the glow. But he has to find it for himself.

Obviously, it takes until the end of the movie, an ass kicking and almost being drowned, before he realises where that place was. The place that was always in reach. The place where the secret to the glow lay. That place was within. It was all in his mind. It was there all along.

Like Paulo Coelho’s protagonist in The Alchemist. The one that dreamed of a great treasure elsewhere. The great riches you seek, the something you are looking for, is right where you are. It’s wherever you are right now. It’s all there. Everything you need to have that complete life you so desire. It’s all within waiting to be discovered.

If you are still looking for something then it might be buried. It might be buried deep. It might be hiding behind your depression, your loneliness, your feelings of unworthiness. It might be hiding behind all those stresses of the world that have built up within you. Your worries, your anxiety, your fears. But it’s still there.

So have faith, have courage, persevere. Try to find your own glow within. It’s there waiting to be discovered. Waiting for you to love yourself, forgive yourself, let go of the things holding you back.

It’s waiting. And always will be. When you’re ready you will find it. Keep looking until you do.


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