Enough Is Enough

We’ve lived in this nightmare long enough. We’ve let our apathy rule. Too distracted by flashing lights. Bound my narratives played out through Big Media.

We’ve hated on each other when the real problem was above our heads.

Now look at us. We’re dying. Dying from a virus that cares not for borders or countries.

What faith you have, or the colour of your skin.

We’ve been stripped bare. We’ve learned just who or what roles are important to our survival.

That a part-time kid in a corner shop is just as valuable as a doctor in a hospital.

We’ve learned. And we’ve had time to reflect. We’ve learned what things are of true value. What we love. What we need. And what we don’t need.

We’ve noted the absence of the super-rich. Except to call for government bailouts as their multiple, multi-million pound, yachts languish in safe harbour.

What we’ve really learned is, in dramatic fashion, who really gives a shit about us.

And that’s each other.

So how long are we going to let this nightmare charade continue? What is it going to take? Our time is running out. This is our last chance.

The world has been broken. Its barely ticking over.

But we can build again.

Great change doesn’t come around very often. This time it has been forced on us.

But it’s a change we needed. A wake-up call for some. The world we have built wasn’t working right. Our values were all wrong. We forgot who we were. What is really important. That we have to look out for each other and our planet.

This time now. When the nightmare is all too real. This time now is our chance. It’s your chance. My chance.

A chance to take this nightmare and turn it into something good. A chance to build a world built on compassion and love. A chance to make a difference. A chance to finally say, ‘enough is enough’. ‘This is our world and we’re taking it back’.

Revolution is a strong word. A powerful word. Often associated with bloodshed.

But it’s a revolution we need. A revolution in the hearts and minds of each and every one of us. A revolution that sees each of us play our part. Sees us put the human back into humanity.

A revolution where we stand up to corruption, the debased actions against us, and continue to stand against it in all its forms.

Where crimes against humanity, against innocent children, are investigated and punished, rather than being doomed to memory in memes, if at all. Epstein and Saville.

What is it going to take? How much misery and suffering do we have to endure before we start taking action. Real action. Action that makes a fucking difference.

The rich need neutered. The poor need feed.

And we, you and I, are the only people who can do anything about it.

What are we waiting for?

‘I looked inside Pandora’s box. ‘Expecting to find the hope within’.

‘And it was faces I saw’.

‘Millions of faces’.

‘Faces of people. ‘Multi-coloured in skin tone and mind’.

‘For we people is where true hope lies’.



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