Sometimes Life Sucks. And That’s Ok.

Sometimes Life Sucks

Sometimes life sucks and there is nothing you can do about it. Sounds a bit grim doesn't it? But if you can accept that fact. Accept that sometimes all you can do is ride it out until it gets better or sucks a bit less. Then you'll realise that ultimately, your life sucking right now … Continue reading Sometimes Life Sucks. And That’s Ok.


Why It’s Never Too Late

Enough is Enough. Time for Change

We often hear or have read the sentiment that ‘it’s never too late’. For a lot of people, it's something we think about when our lives aren't on the right path or when we feel we haven't achieved enough, done enough, and are worried it's too late to do anything about it. It was the … Continue reading Why It’s Never Too Late

Everyone Is Looking For Something

Everyone is looking for something

Everyone is looking for something. We want more. More love, more money, more fun, more life. We're always seeking, always looking outward, trying to find that elusive extra something. That something special that will make us feel complete. But what if we already have it and just haven't realised? What if we are just looking … Continue reading Everyone Is Looking For Something

Making This Shit Up

Making This Shit Up

Every day we are bombarded with millions of different thoughts and ideas. Lots of different ways to live your life. The best way to do this and that. But there is one thing we tend to forget in this age of information overload. And it is one thing easily forgotten. The fact that everyone is … Continue reading Making This Shit Up

Helping Others To Help Yourself

Help Others To Help Yourself

Helping others to help yourself can sound like a bit of a selfish endeavour. We have this idea that to help someone should be a completely altruistic behaviour. That we shouldn't be doing it in the hope of getting some reward or benefit. But sometimes helping others is the best way to help yourself. The … Continue reading Helping Others To Help Yourself