How Can You Let Go Of The Past When It’s Your Present?

Can You Let Go Of The Past When It's In Your Present?

No good thing can come from dwelling in your past. It makes you feel things you don't want to feel. Makes you yearn for something you once had or makes you angry at what you once endured. Thing is, no matter how much you try to move forward, sometimes that sucker hits you right in … Continue reading How Can You Let Go Of The Past When It’s Your Present?

The Snarling Lion

The Snarling Lion

We all have it inside us. That ferocious beast, that irrational being, the snarling lion of anger. Normally mine is subdued, peaceful, at rest. Chained by the rationality of my mind. Not now. Anyone who has followed my blog will see I am all about looking for the positive, the hope, finding inspiration. Those people … Continue reading The Snarling Lion

Sitting On An Angry Chair

If I had to sum up the way I have been feeling today it would be best written in all capital letters: FUCKING ANGRY. (I really don't curse much and especially don't like to see it in my writing but on this occasion it perfectly conveys my feelings). In hindsight it had been building from … Continue reading Sitting On An Angry Chair