The Most Important Thing To Do If You Fall

The Most Important Thing To Do If You fall

You have your plans. You've built up those good habits that have taken months to make a regular part of your day. You know the things you need to do each day to make things better. Then life comes along. Laughs in your face and your attempts to take control of it. Forces those habits … Continue reading The Most Important Thing To Do If You Fall

Dwelling In, Then Dealing With, Depression.

Dealing With Depression

Depression is a sadness that sucks all the life and light out of your existence. A sadness that can even make you question that very existence. At times like that all you can do is hang on. Cling to what you can and do whatever it takes to get through your day. A dark day … Continue reading Dwelling In, Then Dealing With, Depression.

The Snarling Lion

The Snarling Lion

We all have it inside us. That ferocious beast, that irrational being, the snarling lion of anger. Normally mine is subdued, peaceful, at rest. Chained by the rationality of my mind. Not now. Anyone who has followed my blog will see I am all about looking for the positive, the hope, finding inspiration. Those people … Continue reading The Snarling Lion

Corners And Curveballs

When you make a post and hit publish I would hazard a guess that for most people, including myself, your mind has a little empty moment. All those thoughts that were swirling around got put down, the canvas wiped clean, and that tiny fear of what next comes creeping back in. But then somewhere a … Continue reading Corners And Curveballs