Motivation (How To Find It And Keep Going)

Motivate yourself to do it. Motivation leads to action.

Motivation can be a fickle thing. It can come and go at a moments notice. It's easy to do the things we need to when feeling motivated. But when we're not. It can feel almost impossible. And that's when you need it most.But what is motivation? When you know what it is. When you know … Continue reading Motivation (How To Find It And Keep Going)

Dare To Dream

Dare to Dream!

Everyone has a dream. Something they long for, something they want to achieve. They might tell people they know, or they might keep it a secret. But it's there, a yearning for something more. A hope for something they don't yet have in their lives. Maybe it's to be a famous writer/pop star/ film star. … Continue reading Dare To Dream